Young artists provided copies of Solzhenitsyn in the comics

In the comic centre RGBM passed rewarding of winners of competition “Solzhenitsyn space: media space”, launched by the State Museum of the history of Russian literature to the 100th anniversary of the writer this spring. Students of various art institutions, graphic design and undertook the difficult job of translating the works of Alexander Solzhenitsyn in the form of a graphic novel.

Known graphic Alex Iorsh was impressed by the works of young artists, noting that “this is the work of adult professional artists” who understand the art and seeing the modern narrative. The authors of the pictures said that he had tried to intrigue potential readers drawn to what he saw caught, pulling him into the world of books.

Presented by: the graphic novel in comic books – dark “Duck” charcoal and pastel, graphic black-and-white “One day of Ivan Denisovich”, a tender portrait of Matrona of “Matrenin yard”, videoarte – one of which, according to its Creator, is made up of different “Crocodoc” in the original reading of the author, book trailers, and even multimedia desktop. When you interact with it it was possible to get acquainted with various aspects of life and creativity of Alexander Solzhenitsyn, learning, for example, that he was professionally interested in photography.

The initial goal of the project, according to the organizers of the competition was to attract young people’s attention to the work of Alexander Solzhenitsyn. The jury included teachers of art institutions and the widow of the writer Natalia Solzhenitsyna. There was a huge number, and for inspection even made a small tour around the cities. In the evaluation, regardless of the competent jury, had difficulties, because art is difficult to evaluate, even words, is not something that figures.

To assess the creativity of young artists and designers is by personally visiting the Library for young people.