Writer George RR Martin said about the first king of the dynasty Targaryen and his dragon

The author of the series of novels by George Martin, based on which filmed “Game of thrones”, November 20 released a new book, “fire and blood” the Targaryen dynasty, and revealed details of the backstory of Westeros and events happening for a few hundred years before the events in the series.

In particular, the writer spoke about Balerion dragon and his rider — king Aegon I Targaryen nicknamed “the Conqueror”, who with the help of the three dragons conquered Westeros.

Aegon Targaryen, the first king of the dynasty Targaryen, who had three dragons, including the most formidable of Balerion, or Black horror is one of the largest dragons that ever owned Targaryens.

Aegon himself was born with the Dragon Stone, but always wanted to conquer Westeros. For years he planned the seizure of the land and even ordered to make a huge table in the form of detailed maps of the Seven Kingdoms, but without borders between them. According to Aegon, Westeros was supposed to be a single state. In the end, with the help of dragons, he managed to conquer and unite six of the seven kingdoms. It was he who built king’s landing and ordered to forge the Iron throne from the swords of defeated enemies.

Also, George Martin notes that Aegon could have known about the threat of the White walkers in 300 years and wanted to unite the land in order to better prepare for danger. According to this theory, Aegon Targaryen had to anticipate who will be the main contender for the Iron throne is Daenerys Targaryen or Jon snow.

The book is available on Amazon. According to the writer, the book will be a lot of dragons and illustrations performed by artist Doug Wheatley. He also joked that even Daenerys Targaryen could learn something by reading a book.