Writer George Martin shared the story of the new series “Game of thrones”

A new novel by American science fiction writer George R. R. Martin’s “Fire and blood” will take the basis of two prequels to the popular series “Game of thrones”.

The plot of the piece takes place hundreds of years before the events of the famous series and the book series “a Song of ice and fire” on which was based the film. In the new book tells the story of the Targaryen family since they came to the territory of the Seven kingdoms of the Creator of the iron throne of Aegon the Conqueror.

During the new works of the writer, readers will discover the secret of the ban on visiting Valyria. Also fans of “Game of thrones” know how Daenerys there are three dragon eggs.

Presentation of “Fire and blood” will be held on November 20. In the words of George Martin, after the book he starts to write the sixth volume of the series “a Song of ice and fire”, reports the Guardian.