Writer Andrei Bitov died in hospital in Moscow

While the cause of death is unknown

In Moscow on 82-m to year of life has died the writer, one of the founders of postmodernism in Russian literature, honorary member of the Russian Academy of arts Andrei Bitov. About this on his page in Facebook said the literary critic Galina Yuzefovich.

She wrote that Bits died 3 Dec at Bauman Moscow hospital.

“Bits has opened a new field of study, while finding the absolute level in the word. But most importantly, no offence to the other wonderful writers, Andrei Bitov is an intelligent man, and it rarely happens. In the literature, it seems to me that the smart people much less than talented people. Even reading it is not quite a good works you feel you are dealing with a smart man. It is very flattering for the reader, it’s just irreplaceable,” wrote the writer and critic Yuri Karabchevsky.

Bits is the author of over two dozen books, among them “Pushkin house”, “Man in landscape”, “Seven voyages” and “the Days of man.” He also wrote screenplays for films “Little fugitive” and “on Thursday and never again”.

While the cause of death is unknown. Information about the farewell and funeral will appear later.