Winners of the Award of Andrey Bely


In 2018, the winners of the Award of Andrey Bely became Andrei sen-Senkov (nomination “Poetry”), Pavel Pepperstein (“Prose”), Felix Sandalov (“Humanities”), Valery Shubinskiy (“Literary criticism project”), Sergey Moreino (“Translation”) and Jan kaplinski (“For services to literature”).

The Andrei Bely prize, the oldest independent literary award in Russia, since 1978. In different years the prize winners became Vladimir Sorokin, Victor Pelevin, Sasha Sokolov, Gennady Aigi, Boris Groys, Yuri Mamleev, Alexander Piatigorsky, Valeriy Podoroga and others. The prize is awarded for innovative poetry and prose, for the most current Humanities research. The jury consists of leading poets, literary critics and experts in literature. In 2018, the jury entered Natalia Azarov, Sergei Zavialov, Ilia Kalinin, Kirill Korchagin, Dmitry Kuzmin, Alexey Tsvetkov. Chairman of the jury – the founding father of the award Boris Ostanin.

The Award of Andrei Bely for 2018


Andrei Sen-Senkov (Moscow). Poems, beautiful in profile. M.: New literary review, 2018


Pavel Pepperstein (Moscow). A traitor of hell. M.: New literary review, 2018; the era of the rides. M.: Jupiter Impex, 2018

Humanities research

Felix Sandalov (Moscow). Formalin. The story of one scene. M.: Common place, 2016

Literary projects and criticism

Valery Shubinskiy (St. Petersburg). Players and igralista. M.: New literary review, 2018


Sergey Moreino (Riga) for poetic translations: Latvian (Juris Kunnoss), German (Johannes Bobrowski), Polish (Czeslaw Milosz).

Merits before the Russian literature

Jan Kaplinsky (Tartu) for the enrichment of Russian poetry a unique look and experience developed in different poetic culture.