Winners of the award “Educator”

In the Moscow theatre of the young spectator has announced the winners of the award “Educator”, the only award in the field of popular scientific literature in the Russian language.

The winner in the nomination “Natural and exact Sciences” was the book Sergey Yastrebov “From atoms to the tree: an Introduction to the modern science of life” (publishing house “Alpina non-fiction”).

The book is in four parts, the themes of which have been consistently expanding: “Chemistry of life”, “Mechanism of life”, “Tree of life” and “life Story”.

What is involved in living bodies, what’s the carbon? What is the genetic code of the virus, how to construct the evolutionary tree and why was the Cambrian explosion? To these and other questions are answered by the author.

Hawks noted that he wrote the book because it was interesting to read the articles and organize their knowledge: “what I understood, it was important for me to pack in the text and to share this with readers”.

The winner in the nomination “Humanitarian Sciences” predictable (in the best sense of the word) the book named Sergey Zotov, Mikhail Maizuls and Dilshat Harman “Suffering middle Ages” (“AST”).

With humor and many illustrations, the authors described how in Christian iconography, the sacred is intertwined with the comical, monstrous and obscene.

The organizing Committee of the award, the Foundation announced a new category of “Educator. Digital”. Award will be given electronic educational projects: blogs, web projects and podcasts. Detailed conditions of reception of works will be announced in the new season.

In the meantime, the prize founder Dmitry Zimin has announced the first winners. They were Leonid Mlechin, host of the popular blog stories, and Mikhail Zygar projects “1917”, “Map history”,””.

“This year the jury had a very difficult. On the one hand, the jury could choose any book, and with another – quite difficult to choose between good, very good and almost as good, – said the Chairman of jury Alexey Semikhatov. – It is pleasant that this year the jury worked as one, as the soul of the award, which has absorbed the arguments for and against, and came to the only correct solution. Not to say that it was easy, but the result is that we are all happy, fulfilled”.