Why the Pulitzer prize difficult to obtain twice?

Presentation of the new novel “Ministry of Supreme happiness” winner of the Booker prize Arundhati Roy

Arundhati Roy, Indian writer and social activist, is to the same BONEROWSKI winner. However, it’s nothing new – the award she received for the book “the God of small things”, published already in 1997. Writer it took 20 years to return to the literary scene – and what came of it?

But it turned out the “Ministry of Supreme happiness” — one of the most controversial books in the history of literature. Numerous experts, well-known literary critics in the composition of six people, and could not come to a consensus about the value of the product. One thing is clear – Booker prize “twice in the same river not included”.

However, someone new novel of Indian writer liked more than the first, as editor Dmitry Rumyantsev: “I love not pure fiction, not just literary history. I love history, mixed with the social document, something real. And in the “Ministry of Supreme happiness, it is this kind of, we’ll call her fragmentation, which adds a “perfect” image of the world. To me this structure and idea closer.”

With him as agreed and scholar Clarice Poulson, also adding about an incredible number of beautifully described exotic details: “this book is absolutely true. She plays with the real ambivalence of modern life – at the time, as the Western world struggles to comfort people in India Arundhati fighting… for life.” Clarice was expressed by the assumption, why the book has not received the Booker, seeing that the work, in spite of everything, quite uncomfortable in many senses. “Life there is absolutely nothing. The world has changed, and people go directly to the cemetery – this is the only place where they take everyone with dignity die with dignity and even to be born. And, surprisingly, clean. There, the cemetery is not so scary, is the refuge for all”.

Konstantin Milchinknown literary critic, on the contrary, the book is not impressed: “It is rather the case when we are waiting create the myth around the book and the writer, releasing her, absolutely not up to batten down the strap”. He compared “the God of small things” and “Ministry of Supreme happiness,” noting that in the first book was originally a certain degree of entering into drawn Roy hell and was its development, “the nightmare was growing to explode the culmination”. In the second book, according to Constantine, he immediately began to feel myself in this hell with no hope of any change in sensation. “”The God of small things” I still loved the two development plan of the plot: a realistic and magical. And this storyline, rather, its elements are in the “Ministry…”, but here I think it is absolutely artificial and unnatural”,

On the topic of the naturalness of the images not only realisticheskoi line, but India as a whole, the experts even sparked a serious dispute. Alexander Snegirev, another literary critic, speculate about what Arundhati has managed to avoid the clichés (“If you write about India, you are waiting for stories about children in boxes when talking about Russia – waiting for the GULAG”), and at least one that makes her “a great writer and a true artist.”

He, however, noticed that this does not make her a universal writer. Because the style, of course, she’s very special. This was confirmed by Nikolai Aleksandrov: “in order to plunge into the social problems of India, I absolutely do not have to read the novel. For me it’s more curious how it will all line up. Novel, unusual, fantastic, colorful, and opens with a phenomenally fabulous pictures. The brilliance of the speech, clothing, poetry fold into one picture is both a mosaic.” But there’s another side to the question – does the book due to such a huge number of bright colors like bollywood movies? Here it was outraged Clarice Poulson, as opposed to saying that in these pictures, unlike a kind of well-known Indian cinema, is clearly x-raying everybody’s problem: “the picture is grim beyond which is seen a General hatred to each other”.

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