Why should not be afraid of spoilers of the book or movie

The study does not-British scientists have explained the people’s craving for information that reveals the plot of the film or books, as Stephen king said that to talk about the silly spoilers

Did you ever get the Internet running into a bold spoiler that told you the main secret of the plot? For example, Bruce Willis in “the Sixth sense” is actually dead and the boy is only in the form of a Ghost. Or that Jon snow in the finale of the 5th season of “Game of thrones” will kill, but next season he’ll rise again. Or that the detective “murder on the Orient Express in the death of the victim is to blame for all the passengers on the train. Or that both main characters in “Fight club” is actually… well, you understand. Probably still mad at me for what I have revealed to you the story that you have not watched or read.

Most people agree that the spoiler is unpleasant. A movie or a book, the plot of which contains a puzzle or an unexpected twist may lose some of their charm if you will know in advance how it will end. What is of interest to observe a long investigation if you already know that the killer is the gardener?

However, the Network phenomenon of the spoiler is so common that during a heated discussion of the new high-profile movie or books you will almost certainly get in the news or social networks on something like that. And then what to do? To argue with the authors of the spoiler, don’t go to a movie or to deny a future to go online in such moments, not to catch too much information?

No, not necessarily. In our world, it turns out, there are people who are not afraid of spoilers. For example, my mother, after reading the first 50 pages of new mystery or Thriller, looks at the end and figuring out who to blame. After that she calmly continued to read further, claiming that now will not be torn quickly to a solution and can enjoy the text.

Understand that other people’s relatives – is not an indicator. But there are plenty of famous and respectable people who are not afraid of spoilers. They all believe that bad film the fate of the characters and it is written on their faces or calculated with knowledge of the cliches of cinema, the virtues of a good tape is not exactly limited to the script.

Spoiler just can’t spoil a good story, because it is always bigger than the most ingenious plot twist. Is the characters and illustrated their use of themes, interesting characters and the environment, the atmosphere and details, the operator’s work or well-written text books.

This is what says, for example, Stephen king, who has several years’s criticism of fans for something that constantly reveals himself in “Twitter” secrets of the subjects of the books he read.
About the same writes and author of the acclaimed in the English speaking world speakers Lindsay king-Miller. She believes that we are so fixated on the desire to wonder, what are waiting for just that, losing sight of everything else. The element of surprise excites us more of the work and its interpretation, which prevents us properly to understand the themes and issues that are raised in the book or TV series.

Knowing how it ends, you can enjoy the subtleties of cinematic or literary art, giving them all his attention. You will be able to evaluate the evidence that you would have missed if I didn’t know that they need to look. Or happy to read a digression about the past of the protagonist, not angry at the author for what he postpones the moment of denouement. We long since know the outcome of famous works like “Romeo and Juliet”, but does that make them worse?

Research Professor of psychology University of California, San Diego Nicholas Christenfeld proved that spoilers can actually make the story more enjoyable. It turns out that the availability of additional information about works of art may make them more attractive because you’ll know about what you will and will not spoil your impression in the ending, if the ending fails. Our body from long ago like predictability. So less likely to fall into the clutches of a saber-toothed tiger on the way out of the cave.

In the experiment of Christenfeld two groups of people read 3 short stories about the supernatural. The first group accidentally prospoylerili ending of one of the stories in the beginning reader, and the second when readers reached until about the middle of this story. 2 text of each group remained “unspoiled” spoilers.

In both groups, people then chose prospoylerennaya story as the best. Knowing the ending, they better understand the details of the plot, to notice the nuances and in the end decided that this story was written better and deeper reflects the psychology of the characters. And all because they are not distracted by trying to guess what will happen next and just enjoyed the text.

So I don’t know about you, but I in next time will see the Network once the disclosure of the details of the plot of a popular product, I will not close it with indignation. I specifically look for it, of course I won’t, but once caught, let it be, such knowledge is useful to me. Perhaps I am less surprised then the story, but take a closer listen to the music in the background, porazglyadyvat costumes and appreciate the work of the Creator of the film or the book as a whole, not just the writer-sujatnika.