Why mother forbade Agatha Christie to read?

How do you mean? Inspired by the modern method of education, mother forbade young Agatha Miller (maiden name Agatha Christie) to learn to read. But the girl, of course, disobeyed.

Ban your favorite mom picked up on the wave of the new trend in those years there was the view that early reading unwholesome to the eyes of a child. And head harmful.

Therefore, children Mrs. Miller had to learn to read only after eight years. However, the baby Agatha on this account was my own opinion.

In his autobiography, the writer says that whenever she liked to read at night a fairy tale, she asked me to hold the book. Agatha was just looking at the page and slowly began to parse the meaning of the words that were printed on them. The mechanism of this miracle agate did not understand neither in childhood nor later. While walking, the girl asked the babysitter what the words on signs and billboards. And then came the day when five year old Agatha found herself in the nursery, completely free nanny reading aloud a book called “angel of love”.

The next day the nurse came to his mother and apologizing gave her the bad news: “I am Afraid, mA’am, Agatha learned to read,” she said. Of course, mom was upset, but what’s done is done.

As for the future Queen of Detective since the most desired gift for Christmas or birthday was a new book.

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