Why Dr. seuss regretted the words?

How do you mean? When the publisher asked well-known children’s writer Dr. seuss used to write tales of just 250 words, seuss not only agreed, but also cut the list, leaving only 220 words. In the end, it was “the cat in the hat” is truly a cult book among American children.

Why is the publisher greedy for words? Actually it was some kind of artistic experiment in the fifties, the publishers have carefully selected the 250 most common words that were used more often in the lexicon of the kids, and invited the Seuss make them a tale. She had to be as simple as possible, but it is interesting.

Suze gladly took up the matter and managed to write the history of the 220 words. In it the cat in the Hat comes to stay-at-home children, and offers to play. He’s making a mess, then cleaned, and then comes mom. Not the most exciting narrative, right? But the book was such a lively, funny and vibrant that readers were delighted! On the wave of success have released the seuss book “the cat in the Hat comes back”, “Space journey Cat in the Hat”, “Songwriter of the Cat in the Hat”, etc.

History waited several adaptations, including a Soviet cartoon “the cat in the hat” and “cat” with Mike Myers in the title role.

Today, the seuss remains one of the most popular children’s authors in the United States. In his books learn to read, in America there is even a theme Park based on his drawings. And he is the best-selling English-language children’s author. We are talking about kids, because the best-selling children’s author, writing for older children, it is believed, of course, Joan K. Rowling.

In short, it’s not the size of the book and not the writing skills!

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