Why Astrid Lindgren climbed on a pine tree?

How do you mean? Once Astrid Lindgren climbed a tree to amuse the press. At that time the famous Swede was already over seventy.

Who knows Astrid Lindgren, naughty Swedish storyteller who invented Pippi Longstocking, Karlsson on the roof, and other adorable children characters? They are all so naughty and playful that it seems written about them is not a good-looking lady, and some eight-year-old guy.

This child was in Astrid is so strong that at times it did amazing things. For example, loved to be “trolling” of journalists.

Lindgren was past seventy, when the celebration of the birth of one radio station in Motala she deftly, like a squirrel, jumped up on the radio tower. She just looked so attractive and comfortable for climbing, and Astrid until old age retained the flexibility and slimness! The party was full of press, photographers and, of course, delighted to uncovered Podoroga.

Other times, septuagenarian writer being a friend of El’s Olenius, also loves to fool around. The two ladies climbed the pine tree and from there alerted the challenges on the ground that the Law of Moses does not forbid women to climb trees. Wales at that time was already eighty, so we can say, Astrid played under the supervision of senior.

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