Who wouldn’t beat Hemingway?

How do you mean? Ernest Hemingway loved Boxing and was known as such a fierce opponent, one of them refused to fight the legendary boxer and later an idol Mike Tyson Jack Dempsey.

“Bonecrusher from Manassa” as he was nicknamed, loved the joke to box with celebrities of the time. But ham he saw a soldier. Dempsey later explained his refusal: “He was twenty-five years, he was in great shape and considered himself a good boxer. I’m a pretty good judge of people, men for sure. If I went with him to the ring, he rushed at me from his corner like a madman. To stop him would have to beat seriously, really tough, and I didn’t want to”.

I have to say, Dempsey is not wrong in his forecast: Hemingway was just obsessed with Boxing, practiced, attended the fights, even the house was equipped with a small ring.

In the scuffle, he chose a super-aggressive tactics, and generally was a man, not timid. For example, did not just throw a “white glove” critics, afford too abruptly to speak to him.

One day Ernest was sparring with his friend, world champion in the heavyweight Gene Tunney and ran. Dodging the furious blows of the Nobel laureate, Tunney first asked Ernest to stay, and then went and performed a skillful kick to the liver. After that, according to eyewitnesses, Hemingway and the whole evening was unusually meek.

Would have stopped the incident of the boxer? Yes, of course not! In the biography of Ernest was still plenty bright fights. For example, he once had a fight with the canadian writer Morley Callaghan. Judged the sparring Francis Scott Fitzgerald. And at other times much nakostylyat publisher Joseph Knapp.

No wonder ham always said, “My writing is nothing, my Boxing is everything.”

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