Where the student must go to the autumn holidays, to get an a in literature

1. Mikhail Yuryevich Lermontov. If on vacation you are in Moscow, then visit the house-Museum of Lermontov in Malaya Molchanovka. The exposition tells about the poet studying at the University Noble boarding school of Moscow Imperial University. But best of all, of course, a trip to the famous Museum-reserve Tarkhany in the Penza region. The Museum is located 100 kilometres from Penza. The minimum price of tickets from Moscow to Penza – 800-900 rubles, go have night. From Penza to Lermontovo village where the Museum is located, buses two hours. In the Museum you can spend the night at the hotel. The conditions, however, is quite modest, but the price available from 700 to 1300 rubles per person.

The house-Museum of Lermontov in Malaya Molchanovka. Photo: Alma Pater/

2. Aleksandr Ivanovich Kuprin. In the village of Narovchat in Penza this region is the house-Museum of Alexander Ivanovich Kuprin. This house once belonged to the parents of the writer, and he lived there in early childhood up to 4 years. From Penza to Narovchat is about 150 kilometers in the direction of the Ryazan region. The bus is approximately 3 hours, the car two. By the way, in the centre of Kolomna near Moscow is the home of the sister Kuprin – Zinaida Ivanovna, who was married to a local Forester. Now there opened a hotel. From Moscow to Kolomna – hand, two hours on the train, the ticket costs 260 rubles.

3. Nikolai Alekseevich Nekrasov. 15 kilometers from Yaroslavl, located manor “Karabikha” is a reserve Museum of Nikolai Nekrasov. On-site – two buildings – a Large house and East wing. The poet stayed in the East wing, and the Big house was occupied by his brother and his family. From Moscow to Yaroslavl can be reached by high-speed train in just 3-4 hours. The ticket price is 500-600 rubles. From there to the Karabikha is most convenient to take a taxi. But you can take a bus or taxi. Hotels in the Museum-reserve there, so it is best to spend the night in Yaroslavl. Museum – apartment Nekrasov is in Saint-Petersburg, address – Foundry prospectus, the house 36, where the poet lived for almost 20 years. Journey to St. Petersburg will be much more expensive. Tickets are cheaper 1100 is not found.

4. Leo Tolstoy. Before Yasnaya Polyana went special excursion train, now it’s gone and get to the Museum-reserve will have a Tula. From Moscow to Tula – two and a half hours on the train or train of the South. Price – from 500 rubles. From the centre of Tula to the HOMESTEAD – 15 miles. Next – “Kozlova Zaseka” – the railway station, which is now called “Yasnaya Polyana”. It was the trip of Leo Tolstoy. Here came the funeral train that brought the body of the writer. The station opened as a Museum. From the estate “Yasnaya Polyana” to a Gantry mark is just 3 km away, on foot. Station – the current through it, for example, are the trains from Tula to Orel. On the estate there is a hotel, seat in a standard room – 2200 roubles per night.

The home of the writer Leo Tolstoy Museum-estate “Yasnaya Polyana”. Photo: Ruslan Krivobok/ RIA Novosti

5. Anton Pavlovich Chekhov. In 100 kilometers from Moscow, is a Museum-reserve “Melikhovo”. It can be reached in two ways: bus or minibus from metro station “South” or on the train Kursk directions to St. Chekhov, but then still have to take a minibus. At Melikhovo Chekhov had lived for nearly seven years before leaving to Yalta and conducted reception of patients. Here he wrote “Uncle Vanya”, “the Seagull”, “Sakhalin Island”, “Man in a case”… on Saturdays At Melikhovo performances of the theater “Chekhov Studio”. The repertoire of “Bear”, “although a Date and place, but…”, “it’s hopeless”, “bride and father”, “From memoirs of an idealist”, “nothing to do”, “Long tongue”, “Overdone”, “Attacker”. You can buy tickets in advance online.

The Museum-reserve of A. P. Chekhov in Melikhovo. Photo: Vyacheslav Prokofyev/TASS