Where are the bagels of Viktor Dragunsky?

How do you mean? In the sixties in Moscow literally in one place bake these bagels. They were so delicious that Victor Dragunsky even mentioned them in the “Deniskiny stories.”

If you read the story of “He is alive and glows” may remember how he waited late at work, mom in the yard and looked longingly at the neighbor’s window. A light was burning there, and the parents have returned from work, and, probably, at all “drank tea with bagels and cheese”.

Stop! What bagels are and why they were eaten with cheese?

It turns out that in the sixties in Moscow on the corner of Sadovaya-Karetnaya street and Chekhov, which is now called Malaya Dmitrovka, actually sold very tasty bagels. Now, when a bagel is any bread ring, it is difficult to imagine that such magic could be in these products.

It turns out that this bagel dough is tough, viscous, slightly sweet – not do, and then you could pay five cents and get the fresh and hot Happiness with a subtle Golden brown.

Such Muscovites ate bagels with butter and sweet tea. There was a variety of bagels – sweet, with poppy seeds. Here they put the cheese, previously holding it in hot water, went to excess salt.

Gone are the sixties, somewhere gone these bagels, and Denis from “Deniskiny stories” grew up, became a writer Denis Dragunsky and delicious describe the whole story in the essay “Garden, bagels and cheese” for the collection “Moscow: a meeting place”.

And we, in turn, has told about it under the heading “How do you mean” to once again show that writers are just people. And also I love bagels!