What to read to schoolchildren on vacation

Something to read to a student on vacation? Upon the request of parents and pupils made a selection of excellent e-books. Here only free or very cheap (no more than 100 rubles). Download, read and fall in love in the beauty of words and the power of words.

Familiarity with the classics is better to start from a very early age, so in our gallery offers for students of all grades from the first to the eleventh!

For the first class

Most importantly, when dealing with first-graders, not to beat a love of reading. Take the time to count the number of read words and stand over the soul, requiring a restatement. Better start with reading in a fun, preferring the good old fairy tales. For example, read “the Princess and the pea,” “the Three bears” retold by Leo Tolstoy or “the frost of Ivanovich” Odoevsky.

For the second class

Reading student in the second grade? He is not very far removed from the first – it is important that the reading was a pleasure. Recommend “Girl, maiden”, “the frog Princess” or the remarkable story of Viktor Dragunsky “childhood Friend”.

For the third class

Something to read on vacation in the third grade? It is already possible to teach a child to Russian classics, for example to introduce him to the “Fables” Krylova. Also try reading “the Tale of the toad and the rose” or good and instructive tale “Black hen, or Underground inhabitants”.

Fourth grade

And fourth graders that I read on vacation? A wonderful book “Kashtanka” and more “a Guest in the jug” McGee and “the Tale of lost time” is slowly but surely instill a love of reading.

For fifth grade

Fifth grade is a great time to learn about “the adventures of Tom Sawyer”. Still recommend the “Tales” of Oscar Wilde, beautiful and slim, and of course, classics like “Little Flour”.

For the sixth grade

Sixth grade – a time to dream of adventure and distant lands. Give the child “the leader of the Redskins” or “the Pilot for special missions”. For serious individuals will approach stories Andreeva.

For seventh grade

In seventh grade it is useful to read funny and truthful. It is necessary to open “the gift of the Magi” by O. Henry and “the adventures of Babe” by Anatoly Rybakov. But you can still read Chekhov.

For eighth grade

If the child shows interest in reading and have already met with someone from classics it is possible to deepen his knowledge of Russian literature such works as the “Grandfather” of Nikolay Nekrasov, “Angel” by Leonid Andreyev and “the Old genius” by Nikolai Leskov.

For the ninth grade

What should be the literature for pupils of the ninth class?

In ninth grade, on vacation usually want to do anything but sit with a book. However, there are special works – those who do not want to let go until you finish reading. Here is our selection: “All summer in a day” ray Bradbury, “from Connecticut Yankee at King Arthur’s court” by Mark TWAIN and “treasure Island” Stevenson.


For the tenth grade

In the tenth grade, great to read about serious feelings, the future and personal responsibility for every choice made. Suggest “the Captain’s daughter”, “451 degrees Fahrenheit” and “You never dreamed of”.

For eleventh grade

The seniors are Mature adults who understand everything. When you want to escape from studying for exams and everyday concerns, we recommend you to take “the picture of Dorian gray” or “Garnet bracelet”. Still a good funny short stories taffy.