What famous writers would buy at the fair non/fictio№

We have already given a list of their book recommendations, and that’s what books are planning to take with non/fictio№ famous writers.

Dmitry Bykov buy review Dolinina to “the Gift,” Nabokov, Jan Wagner kilometers will not leave without a copy of “Time to chop ice” and at least two writers have in the home library of “Infinite jest”.


Dmitry Bykov

Buy a commentary on the novel by Vladimir Nabokov “the Gift” by Alexander Dolinina. Because it is the most fundamental of the notes to the richest and most complex Russian of Nabokov’s novels performed by the outstanding Russian-American philologist.



Sergey Kuznetsov

It so happened that this year I know almost nothing about what is waiting for us at non/fictio№ – except for the fact that there are two books, which I’ve been waiting for ten years.

The first Russian translation of the great novel of David foster Wallace’s Infinite Jest, which is called in Russian “Infinite jest”. Huge – more of “Ulysses” and “Rainbow gravity” – a novel about the near and the fictional future has become for me a model masterfully made literature: sometimes very funny, sometimes sad, sometimes clever, and sometimes scary to shiver. However, my strongest feeling when the reading was constant, bordering on horror, admiration, damn, how does he do it?!

I hope this feeling will arise and at the Russian reader.

The second novel do not know, to be honest, nothing – even though my mail is its text. But I want to read this novel on paper and because even the fragments that have appeared here and there heroically not read. This novel Linor Goralik “Everything that can breathe a breath”. To be honest, I don’t even know what he was, and waited for him for personal reasons: around 15 years ago I wrote Linor novel, “No” and since then waiting for my co-author wrote and published the novel without co-author. I’m happy that it happened.


Guzel Yakhina

I would have bought three books. First, of course, the book is a dialogue, “Time to chop ice” – it Katerina Gordeeva recorded reflections, their and Chulpan Khamatova, the generation of forty years. Second, the new, and probably a very unusual thing Alexei Ivanov, “Easting”: the reader waiting for reality summer camp the Olympics-80 and the pioneers, Yes not aby what, and the pioneers of the vampires.



Jan Wagner

“Time to chop ice” Katerina Gordeeva and Chulpan Khamatova, because everything I do Gordeeva and Khamatova is not only right, but very good, and it’s a rare combination.

“Runners” Olga Tokarchuk, because she they have given for the Man Booker International Prize in 2018; and she wrote them 11 years ago, and in English it was translated with Polish just, and from “Booker”.

“Sakhalin island” Edward Verkin, because this book (I have read) has confirmed once again that genre literature can be smart, subtle, complex and blow up the Frankfurt book fair, even if it’s the end of the world and zombies.

“Secret place,” Tana French because I was told that French is similar to the Donna Tartt, and the next novel Tartt to wait another six years at least.


Olga Breininger

This “Infinite jest” by David foster Wallace (translated by Sergey Karpov and Alexei Polyaninova) is the main novel of the second half of the twentieth century. Of Russian prose – “the Stone. Girl. Water” Marina Akhmedova, history of Dagestan, that no one dared to tell aloud.



Alexander Arkhangelsky

I have when you reply to add every time “would”. Because actually I already bought these books or received them as a gift, they will all be represented at the fair, and I would warmly recommend. Here, randomly:

Lala Kandaurova, brilliant lecturer, and finally wrote a book about how to listen to the classics of the so-called “half hour of music” (“Alpina”).

In the book “Selected papers on Russian literature and Philology,” published “UFO” collected works of the outstanding researcher Mandelstam Eugene Taddese, reading is necessary.

“Edited by Elena Shubina” recently released a brilliant monograph (read as intelligent novel) by Oleg Lekmanov and Mikhail Sverdlov, Ilya Simanovsky “Benedict Erofeev. Of a stranger”. The most alive, the most intelligent of all that I had on the Broom to read.

A collection of “Maroussia poisoned” dedicated to sex in literature 20-ies of the last century, which compiled the same version of DM. Bulls! In General, the problem is not about which book to buy, and where to put them.



Ilya Shuma

Among the books I used were always looking for fresh books of Terry Pratchett, because the unique magical world, colorful characters, brand sparkling humor, seasoned with a pinch of tart satire, is what you need to warm up a chilly autumn evening. Unfortunately, the new books of favorite author we already can not wait, but for fans of his work, the publishing house “Eksmo” has made a truly Royal gift: the book of Craig Cabella “Terry Pratchett. The spirit of fantasy”!

History of creation and formation of the literary writer from first experiments to worldwide recognition, the creation of the Flat World, the influence of real life events to the plots and characters of his books – a great opportunity to expand the horizons for any person that is not limited by the horizon of the world is Round.