Want to open an independent bookstore? Here tell you how

Ever dreamed to open your bookstore? To solid comfort, comfortable sofas, shelves with favorite books, quiet music, intelligent audience… the “Masters of Russia” has created a online course that will help you from thinking to get down to business. And – attention! – it’s free.

From heaven to earth descend at the stage of the course description: “Opening a bookstore is not just a purchase comfortable sofas, and the arrangement of bookshelves. Experts of course will tell you what the independent bookstore, as it can affect the urban environment, from which to proceed with the formation of the concept and range and how to attract your store audience”.

In short, all serious: participants will learn how to make a decision about opening such a business, how to choose a place and pick up a team, how to make a range, maintain documentation and even release your souvenir and printed products. Complete the course before January 1, 2019 offer to complete an international internship or apprenticeship in one of the independent bookstores of St. Petersburg.

The course is taught by the owner of the St. Petersburg store “Signature edition”, co-founder of the St. Petersburg independent bookshop “All free” and founder of the book “Backen” in Krasnoyarsk. All courses “Masters of Russia” free, you only need to register and you can start training right at home.