Vodolazkin has presented new Roman “Brisbane”

Photo: Vitaly Belousov/ RIA Novosti

Writer Evgeny vodolazkin up close – the winner of the prestigious literary prize “Big book” and “Yasnaya Polyana”. His novel “Laurel” and “the Aviator” received the award. The author presented the book “Brisbane”, the initial print run which is 35 thousand copies.

Writer at the press-conference in TASS told why the book is called that way and what a story it offers this time to his readers.

The plot is a continuation of the story of the characters in the bestselling “Laura” and “Aviator”. The protagonist of the novel is a musician Gleb Yanovsky, who is trying to find meaning in life, turning to the memories of the past.

“To the city of Brisbane, as expected, the novel is irrelevant, otherwise I wouldn’t call it that. Brisbane is the symbol that is on the other side of the globe, the purpose of the dreams, efforts, which, of course, unattainable. Generally it is the history of the modern successful musician who lost the ability to speak due to illness, and now he seeks a new meaning of life. Before he was focused on success, on the upper “f”, which he took, but he has to admit that the meaning of life is not in this upper point,” said Yevgeny Vodolazkin.

Fate Yanovsky has many intersections with the life of Vodolazkin. They were both born in Kieve, studied in schools with profound studying of the Ukrainian language and subsequently moved to Saint Petersburg.

Although the “Brisbane” autobiographical novel is not. As the author himself notes, to associate failure with it is not worth it. Together with the hero of the book we go through milestone events of the era: stagnation, perestroika, the coup of Maidan.