“Vladimir Sharov was historically a free man”

On Non/fiction paid tribute to the memory of Vladimir Sharov, who did not 17 Aug

To honor the memory of writer, historian and philosopher, came the literary critic Natalia Ivanovandliterary promoter Alexander Gavrilov, writers Vladimir Berezin and Natalia Gromova, General Director of the publishing house “Aribox Roza Zaripova,” many other close friends of the writer and fans of his work.

Roza Zaripova first presented the book of essays, dedicated to Ball and his friends.

Then by Vladimir Berezin: “As a younger officer, I can say that it is always respected Vladimir Sharov as a senior, teacher, as the person to whom you can always turn to for advice. When I read his book of essays, topographic inevitably feel the presence of the author, because he describes all the familiar streets. There, in this collection, there is an amazing text on the correspondence of the terrible with Kurbsky. An amazing story about the nature of power, about the place of man in the historical period”

Shared their memories and Natalia Gromova: “In 2014 I worked in Peredelkino, and once the Balls got there. We talked mainly about where the course of history. I was in a weird tragic optimism. What happened with Ukraine in 2014, it seemed to me the event that will trigger the process of renewal in our country. Vladimir then said he would like to believe it, but it ended up that Russia will spin on the range, which she is destined.”

Natalia Ivanova said, as the works of Vladimir Sharov has split the editorial Board of the journal “Banner”: “Almost all the novels Sharova were printed from us. Surprisingly, he split the journal into two parts of their historic freedom.

He was free and bright person, he had no evil intentions to mislead the reader.

90-ies, which for many has acquired negative epithets for Vladimir Sharov was very successful, because he gained their readers.

On the bedside table should be based on two books by this author: essays and the “Kingdom of Agamemnon”. Usually works extremely clear and understandable, they are not metaphors, but they are deep from an emotional point of view, to take at least the same essay about Voronezh”.

The last was delivered by Olga Dunaevskaya, a philologist and the author’s widow: “Volodya always thought of themselves as outside the social structure, but sometimes tried to get into it. He never belonged to any religious denomination, he believed in God but was not involved in the Church. A collection of essays, which came last, is a biographical”.

At the end of the videos included. On it Vladimir Sharov, talks about the concept of their works over a Cup of tea, and Olga translates his words into English.

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