Unknown Sergei Bodrov: what says the book of the stars of the movie “Brother”

There was a book critic, actor and Director Sergei Bodrov Jr., missing in the Karmadon gorge in 2002. This is his PhD thesis, which publishers believe will appeal to many.

The book was prepared and issued in St. Petersburg online store “Subscription edition”. “He’s already starred in the movie, his success was incredible, the country came to know and love him as “Brother.” But it is not a cinematic hero, an ordinary man,” writes in the Preface of Sergei’s mother, art historian Valentina Bodrova.

“James was friendly, brought up and educated, spoke four European languages, was a good painter, a child wrote short stories and later scripts, worked hard, loved his wife and children, she continues. — Acting in a movie, he defended his thesis at Moscow University”.

The film “Brother” St. Petersburg film Director Alexei Balabanov has planned to meet with Bodrov, but then, he said, have adjusted the scenario under Sergei. The Director, of course, never imagined that the main character Danila Bagrov — will become for many generations a true hero.

Interestingly, in 1996, in interview to the program “the View”, which in that period Alexander Lyubimov led by Sergei Bodrov, and Balabanov on the question of whether this film is a symbol of the era, answered in the negative. The Director has expressed in that spirit that threaten the characters are not worth it, this is too much.

The picture was accepted with enthusiasm not only by the audience and critics. Accurately guess the type of modern hero; folk styling and harsh truth of life; the actor who exists on screen, as an organic type, are just a few rave reviews about the work of the Director and leading actor.

For fans of “Brother” Daniel Bagrov and Sergei Bodrov, combined in one character.

“For me it was a revelation when I learned that Bodrov was a talented and promising art critic and wrote a dissertation about architecture and Renaissance painting,” — says Mikhail Ivanov, co-owner of “subscriptions”.

This side of the personality popular actor, embodied on the screen one of the main images of the 1990s, for many will be a revelation. Sergei Bodrov was a professional actor, and, it seemed, he played in the movies himself. However, in life, the memories of friends and colleagues, Sergei was a man of intelligent and slim.

“We have not revised the text and this was our position, — continues the publisher. We did proofreading, modern layout, added illustrations, and printed on good paper. The book was unusual and beautiful. Our task was to get her back on the shelf and tell you that, in addition to those roles and films, which gave us Sergey, he was also a serious scientific worker.”

PhD theses were written, as expected, in scientific language, using technical terms. However, said Mikhail Ivanov, the text is felt, as the author of “in love with what he says and writes”. “Through this text, I think I saw what was in his person. For me, that is real talent when you can combine different” — emphasizes the publisher.