Under house arrest Serebrennikov three times nominated for the award “Golden mask”

17 Oct famous film Director Kirill Serebrennikov has decided to extend the finding under house arrest for another 6 months. We should remember that in a long time, this artistic Director of “Gogol-center” is under house arrest. The basis for this restriction of freedom was his involvement in the case of the “Seventh Studio”.

Despite the restriction of freedom, it ceases to work. For the scenography of the ballet called “Nureyev” at the Bolshoi theater Serebrennikov has decided to nominate for the award “the gold mask”. When choosing him as the nominee also took into account his work with the play name “Little tragedy” that was “Gogol-center”.
In addition Serebrennikov in the number of nominees included Konstantin Bogomolov’s production “Three sisters”, Dmitriy volkostrelov with the staging of “1968. New world,” Vladimir Pankov “Old house” and so forth in selecting a worthy to become the owner of “Golden mask”, the jury will consider the performances 2017-2018.

Premiere of “Nureyev” was to be held in July 2017. That is the only time the ballet was not shown. In the management of the Bolshoi theatre decided that this arrangement is not ready. It is believed that to postpone the premiere of decided at the request Medinsky, the Russian Minister of culture, who saw in the ballet the promotion of homosexuality. Officially this version is not confirmed. The premiere of this work took place in early December of 2017, while pieces of silver was already under house arrest.

The premiere of “Little tragedies” held a little earlier “Nureyev” at the beginning of October 2017. It should be noted that during the time spent under arrest, the Director was not able to visit any premiere screening of their work.
For the play “Chatsky” put in “Helikon-Opera” in 2018 Kirill Serebrennikov was awarded the “Golden mask” in nomination “the Best Opera Director”. He pick up the award could not because of restriction of freedom of movement. Instead Director took her Pavel Kaplevich, the producer of the play. Another group “Gogol-center” was received a special award, the so-called bold decisions and create a space of creative freedom.