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Where are the Communist secret bunkers? How to “reset the system” and become a successful woman? Is there romance on the ISS? The funeral – a profitable business?”RG” collected news “literature of fact”, which is definitely worthy of your attention.

Photo: Sergei Mikheev/RG Our wonderful earth (360 unusual places, whose existence you didn’t know). M.: Eksmo, 2018.

Lonely Planet is a publisher that produces travel guides. The authors of the guides – experienced travelers who personally study the places about which I write.
A new book from the authors of the Lonely Planet will open up for readers the most mysterious and interesting places of our planet.

You will learn about the secret Communist bunkers, where the burning gas craters, luminous grotto, built by the Polish monks, and more. Here is a wonderful phenomenon, which few people know. From the terrible natural wonders to unusual architecture. Mysterious planet – the best companion for the curious mind. This book is not just for travelers but for seekers of the mysterious and unusual.

Maureen Chic. Without labels (the Female perspective on leadership and success). M.: MYTH, 2018.

Purposeful. Shy. Leader. Wife. Mother. We live in a world of categories, labels that tell the world and us who we are and what should be. Some definitions we dream, others are afraid, or consider them beneath their dignity. “I “dropped corset”, but I don’t know what will be my next adventure. says the Chic. – But I know one thing: I’m deeply worried about the ability to carry into this world beauty. I am deeply worried about the ability to change the coordinate system to both women and men could lead and be true to yourself”.

In the book, Maureen Chic talks about his extraordinary journey from literary critic to the head of the fashion house Chanel – curve knowledge led her first into the ranks of the trainees marketers L’oréal Paris, then through the Department of wholesale sales at The Gap and Old Navy raised to the position of President of Banana Republic. Chic shares his feelings, tells about the risks and reinvents the moments that shaped her exemplary career to inspire a new generation of women, as well as humanists and people with innovative thinking to cultivate their own unique lifestyle and leadership style.

Scott Kelly. Durability: my year in space. M.: Alpina non-fiction, 2018.

To conquer the unknown, overcoming difficulties. To see the Earth in the dark depths of space, to realize its greatness and its littleness. In the entire history of space exploration there have been only 500 people. Just a drop in a vast ocean.

American astronaut Scott Kelly made four flights into space, has twice been a member of the American multi-day mission to the International space station was in orbit for a total of more than 500 days. About his extraordinary experiences much has been written in the press, and now have the opportunity to learn details from him. A sincere story about yourself, your childhood, growing up draws accurate psychological portrait of a man who chooses the path of the astronaut, it helps to see the intrepid heroes from a different perspective and understand them better. Kelly opens a unique world of space explorers – c everyday heroism and absurd situations, with romance and life, tragedy and humor, with UPS and downs. Memories Kelly about life on the ISS enliven the descriptions vivid national characteristics and weaknesses of all the members of the crew, Americans, Russians, Italians and others.

Razumovsky O. V. William Shakespeare. The person on the background of culture and literature. M.: Ripol-Klassik, 2018

What’s it like being Shakespeare? To live in Elizabethan England at the dawn of the era; to write “on a whim”, not caring about fame: playfully make friends, opponents, patrons, fans, and create the greatest texts of world literature.

About this and other aspects of the life and work of the most famous – and most enigmatic playwright writes in his book Oksana Razumovsky, a specialist in English literature, author of numerous studies of Shakespeare.

Not driving their readers into depression unnecessarily academic research, she offers a fresh and full of interesting details overview of the era that gave rise to the greatest genius.

Consistently recreating the details of the creative and personal life of Shakespeare in culture and literature, this lecture course allows even the untrained reader to be about Shakespeare performance not only as a writer but as a person, formed under the influence of a unique era of the English Renaissance.

Caitlin Doughty. Nice to get away. Amazing funeral rites of different countries. M.: Eksmo, 2018.

In different parts of the world you can find different attitude to death. Some, it is fascinating and brings an inner awe, intimidated by it and leads to despair.

Caitlin Doughty is the head of the funeral homes in Los Angeles, writer and popular YouTube blogger. Her first book, “When smoke gets in your eyes. Provocative stories about his favorite work from the employee of the crematorium” instantly became a bestseller. In a new book by the author in a fascinating and ironic manner tells about her travels around the world, about the burial rituals and traditions of farewell to the deceased, taken in different people. Caitlin Doughty thinks about why in the West, the funeral turned into a hidden and very profitable business? How is it that relatives of the deceased was completely removed from the sterile processes of the funeral? Is it true that the participation of relatives in the farewell rituals helps them better accept and survive the death of a loved one?