TOP 20 new books that you buy at the fair non/fictio№

To go to non/fictio№, without the prior shopping list – still hungry in a supermarket. Risk to buy several times more than your budget allows. I advise all the same to record which books go, and would recommend your option: 20 great innovations in a variety of genres.

1. He’s a troublemaker. Richard Yates

Wonder why Yates novel “the troublemaker” is not translated into Russian language before, because it is much deeper than the “Road of changes” (known primarily through the film with Leo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet). It is for most of the winter leisurely read a favorite story “what lies behind the prosperous facade”. Such as John Wilder, now a lot. Successful middle-aged man, career in the advertising business, the house is like something out of a glossy magazine, family where a lot of time to devote to the emotional well-being of each other. Suddenly, a psychiatric clinic and diagnosed with “nervous breakdown”. Together with the author’s view not only on what lead to it, but also how to live with it and it is possible (and whether) to return to the seemingly safe reality.

2. Orwell. Impregnable soul. Vyacheslav Nedoshivin

All lovers of non-trivial biographies dedicated to: large master fascinating stories from the lives of writers, Vyacheslav Nedoshivin (“walking through the Silver age” and “Address of love”) described the life of the hit in Russian writer George Orwell. From the book “George Orwell. Impregnable soul” you will learn, for example, that the future great author earned a living washing dishes, has experienced a dizzying romance with a beautiful woman from Russia and saved the front of each Petersburger.

3. Runners. Olga Tokarchuk

The first thing you should know about the novel “Runner” by Polish writer Olga Tokarchuk: just recently it was noted as the best novel of the year (international Booker prize). After that, the book was quickly republished in Russian (for the first time it came out in 2010). A large, multifaceted, consisting of hundreds of pieces of novel where each essay or mini-Novella translates important point: we are all in this life – runners at different distances, run from yourself and to yourself.

4. Bear’s corner. Fredrik Backman

Bjornstad – backwater – a tiny town in the taiga North of Sweden, then only woods and frozen almost three quarters of the year the lake. The town has a curving factory, shop, school and hockey stadium, which trains Junior team is the main attraction, the pride and raison d’être of the town: once she got as many as second place in the championship. Kevin is a rising hockey star, May – the daughter of the athletic Director. At the party after winning in the quarterfinals is irreparable… and Bjornstad is up in arms against the victim who took away the city’s future.

Will Bjornstad to recover before is too late? Will a new future? After a good tragicomic books about Uwe, Grandmother and Britt-Marie Fredrik Backman writes poignant social drama. Here and thoughts about the responsibility for those whom we have brought up the question, what is more important – the fate of the city or person, and the trap of friendship. However, the company Baksansky humor, to which we are accustomed to, but a little different, more Mature and bitter.


5. Confusion. Chronicle of the family Cazalet. Book three. Elizabeth Jane Howard

Family Saga with very high level is a rare gift, not every year or even every decade falls is such a joy. “Chronicle of the family Cazalet” Elizabeth Jane Howard’s Saga in the tradition of “foresights”, the story of a large family Cazalet where a little particular dinner parties, visits to dressmakers, theatres, lessons from children in a special way emphasizes such global events as world war. Three brothers Cazalet Edward, Hugh and Rupert, their wives and children, sister Rachel – a lot of heroes, events more, but (and this is the sign of a truly quality Saga) we all remember and will never get confused. Commercially available is the third book of the series, “Confusion”, and there is still two.

6. Plus life. Christina Hepting

“Plus life” Christina Hepting – a small but proud book, which over the past year has come a long way from electronic publishing on the winners of the youth literary award “the Lyceum” and paper book a large circulation. Reading it is like watching a dynamic movie, so clearly it is written. “Plus life” – the life of a Lion, an HIV-positive teenager living with this diagnosis since birth. Leo knows firsthand what loneliness, when even your own grandmother is talking to you through a wall of gauze bandage, because the prejudices. With all bezremontnoy themes of the book, sometimes even fun, and its main character – a positive, in General, the boy experiencing first love. The book, incidentally, is the film.

7. Naked Middle Ages. Jack Hartnell

Book fashion for all things medieval and got to a touchy subject. So, “Naked middle Ages” asks on the shelf in a row with the “Suffering of the Ages” and “ages of Apocalypse” and tells about it: how medieval people imagined that inside him? What body seemed to him beautiful? Whether he was ashamed of his nakedness? Look at the human body with their eyes and will be very surprised.

8. Map days. The house of strange children. The Rance Riggs

The Rance Riggs needs no introduction. His series “the House of strange children” – longseller, which a few years reckoned all fans of chilling stories. The book became especially popular after the release of the film adaptation from “major goosebumps” by Tim Burton. “Map of days” – a new round of the series: adventure, sinister horror and “weird friends”, the team of miss Peregrine. This time the scene is America.

9. Anglu. Sebastian Faulks

“Engelby” is the most unusual novel from Sebastian Faulks, the author of international bestsellers “And the birds sang…” and “where is my heart beating”.

Mike Engelby not afraid to speak out loud about what others do not dare to think. Without a shadow of self-pity he talks about bullying in the boarding school and the cynicism of the intellectual talks about University life and modern science. It seems that there is no fault which he does not dare to admit. However, the farther, the more his frankness feels fake, like a brilliant intellect Anglu has secrets from itself. Especially in regard to the tragic disappearance of the students, Jennifer Arkland. Maybe not her alone.

10. Vs dislike. Maria Stepanova

“The dislike” – a collection of fine essays Maria Stepanova of the greatest and most different people of the twentieth century. Alexander Blok and Marina Tsvetaeva, Vladimir Vysotsky and Michael Jackson, Alisa Poret and Love Shaporin, Selma lagerlöf and Donna tartt of Sylvia Plath and Susan Sontag, V. G. Sebald and Grigory Dashevsky… Stepanova is trying to lead us away from clichés like “Unit: prostitutes, drunken monster,” “Mandelstam: he stole the book, took the money”, “Tsvetaeva: daughter tied to a chair,” but at the same time does not idealize its heroes. “The dead are no different from the living: they stick everything. Any Statute of limitations is not here, remember the hunchback king”.

11. Infinite jest. David Foster Wallace

If you like to throw yourself challenges, if at the time beat the “Ulysses” of Joyce and “a Man without qualities” Musil, can buy and read the main bestseller of the twentieth century among intellectuals – “Infinite jest” by David foster Wallace. 1200 pages hard dystopian novel, which tells about the social problems of America’s future. Say, given a hard but gives a lot.

12. The Empire Falls. Richard Russo

“Empire falls” by Richard Russo – the story in your favorite genre, “the life of a small American town and its inhabitants”, which at the time we hoisted Fannie Flagg and Anne Tyler. And, objectively speaking, Richard Russo was in this genre, one of the pioneers, because the novel was published at the beginning of the two thousandth. Great that it finally was translated into the Russian language, ensuring that our winter another great American novel.

13. The kidnapping of Prince Oleomargarine. Mark TWAIN, Philip Stead

“The kidnapping of Prince Oleomargarine” – what you did not know Mark TWAIN. This manuscript was accidentally found in his archives recently. A philosophical tale was not finished, therefore an important mission – to write and draw a story about a boy johnny, a magical flower and unjust king took the lovely authors Philip and Erin stead. In the U.S., the book became a literary sensation and has received great reviews. Now it’s our turn to appreciate it.

14. 4321. Paul Auster

The protagonist of the novel “4321” Paul Oster Archibald Isaac Ferguson born once, but will live four different lives. Family fate will vary. Friendship, love, intellectual and physical abilities will be contrasted. When we say that one life is not enough for us, we have in mind? And is it really that good?

15. No violence! Astrid Lindgren

“No to violence!” – a small pamphlet, a speech by Astrid Lindgren on the protection of children’s rights, spoken by her in 1978, at the presentation of the prestigious peace Prize of the German booksellers. Small and very important. Then, in the 1970s, for many parents was the revelation that you don’t beat children. Surprisingly, after 30 years, for some it is still open. You can read a hundred parenting books and one little thing Astrid Lindgren, to understand the main principles of communication with children: respect and acceptance.

16. Just Rome. Images of Italy XXI. Arkady Ippolitov

Long sought non-trivial and truly interesting book about Rome without pomp and useless numbers? There is a new book critic Arcady Ippolitov “Just Rome” – the third part of the series “Images of Italy XXI century”. The previous two – “Especially Lombardy and Venice.”

The hero of the book – Rome, amazing city, a city of Great Style. The pages flicker a lot of characters: popes and emperors, the greatest artists and architects of genius, charming beauty and irresistible adventurers – a brilliant retinue of the Eternal city. Relaxed ease of a talented writer, besides having vast knowledge and impeccable taste, fills the pages with love and subtle irony. Under his pen come alive basilicas and palaces, squares and fountains, statues and paintings. They also become the characters: they all have their own history, its own destiny, but this motley kaleidoscope of different individual stories merged into a single narrative, which was nothing but a novel is not called.

17. Refugee. Alan Gratz

“Refugee” Alan gratza – the book that triggered a wave of discussions, a novel about the fate of three teenagers. This is the real story of the three refugees. Joseph flees from Nazi Berlin Isabel from street protests in Havana, Mahmoud from Aleppo, because I was tired of the fact that his home is the war. These children are separated by decades, oceans and continents, but their stories are incredible, connects a single final.

18. The future of humanity. Michio Kaku

One of the most famous theoretical physicists and popularizers of science, author of global bestsellers “Physics of the impossible” and “the Future of the mind” Michio Kaku in his new book, “the Future of humanity” crosses the boundaries of astrophysics, artificial intelligence and technology to offer a stunning vision of the human future in space – from Mars to travel to distant galaxies and immortality.

19. Orchestra of small bugs. Light Ben

“The orchestra is small bugs” – philosophical fairy tale for adults, hiding in the children’s Department. Many famous musician, leader of the cabaret band “Silver wedding” and a theatre Director Svetlana Ben wrote a book “the small bugs Orchestra” based on songs. At first glance this is a story about bugs that no matter what continue to give the world the music, but if you dig a little deeper – subtle hint that you need to play, as long as the head of the music and not lost the ability to surprise and delight the world.

20. Still here. Lara Vapnyar

“Still here,” Lara Vapnyar – the story of the friendship of four friends who moved from Moscow to new York. Envy, mistrust, passion, love, separation, sharing secrets and personal experiences in search of themselves and each other in completely new, strange, and sometimes cold and indifferent space, which now must be each of them home.