Today, November 5, in the history of

In this day were born:

1733 – Mikhail Matveyevich Kheraskov (photo) (mind. 09.10.1807), writer, playwright, poet, Mason. The works of Kheraskov, brought him great fame, which before him did not use none of the Russian writers. He was tested in all genres: he wrote odes, fables, epigrams, songs, poems, tragedies, comedies, dramas, operas, epics, and tales, and novels, and even “tear drama”. As Director of Moscow University, organized a student theatre which became the first in Moscow. He founded a number of magazines (“Useful entertainment”, “Free watch”) and for his epic poem got almost the official title of the Russian Homer and Virgil. Kheraskov was the person very active, industrious, sympathetic, cheerful and sociable, but not without some eccentricities of character.

1757 – Mikhail Nikitovich Ants (mind. 10.08.1807), Senator, social activist and writer. Was the mentor of Grand Dukes Alexander and Constantine, the curator of the Moscow University, which when it was established by the Society of history and Russian antiquities. Both his sons Nikita and Alexander became the Decembrists. Contemporaries thought highly of him as a writer and poet and gave credit to the highest human qualities.

The first literary work was written Muravyov in imitation of Virgil in 1771 and was called “Eclogue”. In 1773 appeared his “Fables in verse” and “Conversion poem”; and “Military song”, “a Eulogy Lomonosov”. “The inhabitant of suburb and Emiliani letter” (1815), which has autobiographical value — the memories of his childhood; translated from Latin and English. As a writer, Ants is the guide of sentimentalism, a copycat N. M. Karamzin, which was followed by the presentation of theoretical views on history (“the Teachings of history” and “history and historians”). As in the lectures about “morality” and in many poems, he believes “the Supreme happiness” in virtue, a main advantage of the virtuous person believed self-control, the approval of conscience took precedence over everything else and well-being seen in the “feeling heart.”

In the poem “the Trafficking itself” (1803) Ants very modestly appreciated your creativity and place in Russian poetry, but his influence in the history of Russian poetry is noticeable. The Poet K. N. Batyushkov was a student Muravyov (as well as nephew and pupil). Manuscripts Muravyov was the sign of V. A. Zhukovsky; his works were known and actively used by the poets of the “Arzamas”.

1878 – Mikhail Petrovich Artsybashev (mind. 03.03.1927), writer, playwright, publicist. The notoriety brought him the novel “Sanin” (1907), the second edition of which was confiscated by the authorities, and the author prosecuted for pornography. The proceedings against the translators of the novel were instituted in Germany and Hungary. The same fate underwent in Russia and the first part of the novel, “the last line” (1910). These scandals overshadowed the undoubted literary talent of the author, overshadowed his best work.

1940 – Dmitry Prigov, poet, artist, sculptor, one of the founders of the “Almanac”. One of the founders of Moscow conceptualism in art and literary genre (poetry and prose).

On this day died:

1943 – Aspasia /Elsa Rosenberg/ (R. 16.03.1868), Latvian poet and playwright, the wife of John Rainis.

1977 – rené Goscinny /René Goscinny/ (R. 14.08.1926), French writer and publisher, one of the authors of the famous comics Asterix, publisher of “Pilot”.

When in 1959, he together with a friend, artist albert Uderzo decided to publish a comics magazine, the friends came up with his hero – Gaul Asterix. At the suggestion of Goscinny, the artist has depicted him as a small and clever weasel, and the name of the hero chose starting with the letter “A” to the directory the comic has always stood in the first place. Then appeared a constant companion of Asterix is a good – natured goof Obelix with two braids. The success exceeded all expectations. The comic began to be published as a separate book was created Studio cartoons, and in 1999 came a full-fledged film Director Claude Zidi with gérard Depardieu as Obelix. By the way, the first French satellite was named Asterix. In 2001, a French comic was published in Russia.

1991 – Robert Ian Maxwell /Robert Maxwell/ (R. 10.06.1923), English publisher, who called the Soviet (and not only) a spy.

The events of the day:

1699 – losing after a terrible storm to the Northwest of Vendimeve of the Earth of their comrades, Gulliver reached the shore. Feeling extreme fatigue, he fell asleep so soundly as not sleeping ever again. After nine hours he woke up and tried to get up but could not move. Gulliver discovered that his hands and feet on both sides firmly tied to the land and similarly attached to the ground, his long and thick hair. He soon felt something alive move it on the left foot, gently crawled on his chest and stopped at her chin. With downcast eyes, Gulliver saw before him a human being, height not exceeding six inches, with a bow and arrow and quiver behind. After the first climbed up about forty similar creatures.

1715 – according to the classics, Gulliver has completed its last voyage back from the land of the Houyhnhnms.

1930 – Sinclair Lewis called the correspondent of the Swedish newspaper to announce that he became the first American winner of the Nobel prize for literature. The writer decided that it was a hoax, and started to mimic the accent of the caller.