Today, December 8, in history

In this day were born:

1802 – Alexander odoevskiy, a cousin of Griboyedov, poet-Decembrist, author response to Pushkin from Siberia.

1855 – Vladimir Gilyarovsky (pictured), writer, journalist.

Born (November 26) December 8, 1855. His restless nature and inquiring mind have taken a lot of trouble to teachers. In high school he writes poems and epigrams – “nasty mentors”. While studying in the gymnasium, begins communication with political exiles.

As a schoolboy, he spent two years studying circus arts. After a bad exam in 1871 he was without documents and money runs away from home. Working as a Hauler, krusnica in port, Stoker, fireman and herdsman…

In 1875 began working as an actor in the theater. Performed in Tambov, Voronezh, Penza, Ryazan, Saratov, Morshansk, Kirsanov. In the summer of 1877 Giljarovsky voluntarily joined the soldiers and fought in the Caucasus, served in intelligence, was awarded the George cross.

Throughout time Gilyarovsky wrote poems, sketches, letters to his father. In 1881, Vladimir settled in Moscow and worked in the theater of A. D. brenko. In the fall of 1881 Mr A. left the theater and in literature. First, he published in the “Russian newspaper” and then started working as a reporter for “the Moscow leaf”. Vladimir also wrote for “Russian thought”, a humorous publications “Fragments”, “Alarm”, “Entertainment”. In 1885, was published an essay Gilyarovskogo “Doomed,” written in 1874.

After the October revolution Gilyarovsky writes for the newspaper “Izvestia”, “Evening Moscow”, “Spotlight”, “Light”. In 1922 publishes the poem “Stenka Razin”. Out of his book: “From English club to the Museum of the Revolution” (1926), “Moscow and Muscovites” (1926), “My wanderings” (1928), “notes of a Muscovite” (1931), “Friends and meetings” (1934). “Theatre people” was published only after the death of Vladimir Alekseevich — in 1941. In old age, Vladimir was almost totally blind, but continued to write.

Gilyarovsky died 1 Oct 1935. Buried in the Novodevichy cemetery. His name streets in Moscow and Vologda.

1895 — the Armor Buivydaite (mind. 1984), a Lithuanian poet.

1943 — James Douglas Morrison, American poet and musician, lead singer of “The Doors”. Considered one of the most charismatic frontmen in the history of rock music. He known as his baritone, and the originality of its own stage image, self-destructive lifestyle and his poetic creativity. Rolling Stone magazine included him in the list of the 100 greatest singers of all time.

Born in Melbourne, Florida (USA), in the family of the future Admiral George Stephen Morrison and Clara Clarke Morrison. It was mixed Scottish, English and Irish blood.

In 1962 he enrolled in Florida State University in Tallahassee. In January 1964 Morrison moved to Los Angeles and enrolled at UCLA in the Department of cinematography, where during training, made two films.

After graduating from UCLA, Morrison led a Bohemian lifestyle in Los Angeles. He soon formed a band called the Doors. The band’s name was taken from the title of the book “Doors of Perception” by Aldous Huxley (a reference to “opening doors of perception” through the use of psychedelics). The use of hallucinogens, in particular LSD, has had a direct impact on the creativity of Morrison and the Doors: mysticism and shamanism became part of the scenic image. The sound of the band otsustvovala bass, emphasis was placed on the hypnotic organ of the party and the original guitar parts.

However, the popularity of The Doors has greatly contributed to a unique charismatic personality and deep lyrics of Jim Morrison. Morrison was an extremely erudite man, fond of Nietzsche, the culture of American Indians, European poetry of the symbolists and many others.

3 July 1971 in Paris it was reported that Morrison died. Actually this is over the facts, know for certain about the death of Jim.

There are many versions of exactly how and why he killed the greatest singer of America. His death certificate mentions asthma and heart attack, journalists as one talking about drug overdose, and fans believe that their idol was killed.

But none of these versions does not explain why he was buried in a closed coffin but still not saying anything either family or group. More questions is the place where he is buried.

The cemetery of Pere-Lachaise is the final resting place for many great people, but there were Morrison, which in France no one even on the streets didn’t know? All of these issues still remain unresolved, especially as Morrison’s girlfriend, Pamela Courson, the only one who could at least something to clarify, died three years later, taking his secret to the grave.

But there is another version according to which Jim did not die, but simply disappeared. And, perhaps, the most truthful of all.

The grave of Morrison, the fifth most popular attraction of Paris. There are always numerous admirers of his work. And on the musician’s birthday, it is possible to observe the present notice. On his grave singing and even dancing.

1950 — Dan Hartman (d. 1994), is an American singer, poet and music producer.

On this day died:

1709 — Thomas Corneille (Corneille, Thomas) (b. 1625), French playwright.

1830 — Benjamin Henri constant de Rebec (b. 1767), Swiss writer, political activist.

1859 — Thomas de Quincey (b. 1785), English writer.

1863 — Natalia Goncharova, wife of A. S. Pushkin.

Born (August 27) September 8, 1812 in the estate Karia, Tambov province. Her childhood and youth were spent in Moscow and the family estates. Natalia since the childhood was distinguished by rare beauty, modesty and naturalness. She received an excellent education at home. Take me out to the light it began very early, and she was always surrounded by male attention.

For the first time with A. S. Pushkin Goncharova was found on one of the balls in Moscow in the winter of 1829. 16-year-old beauty immediately struck by the heart and imagination of the famous poet. Soon Pushkin made her an offer, but the history of courtship lasted nearly two years. Mother Natalia had heard about its unreliability, but the poet managed to obtain the consent of the mother Goncharova. But in this period he created a brilliant cycle of poems dedicated to the bride.

In February, 1831, in Moscow in the Church of the ascension of Alexander Pushkin and Natalia Goncharova were married. Arriving shortly with her husband in St. Petersburg and then to Tsarskoe Selo, Natalia impressed in a secular society of St. Petersburg and the Shine on the ball. But also she was a caring wife, versed in the Affairs of her husband. She was interested in his essays, creative plans, ideas and helps him performing drafting assignments of a poet, giving explanations of the censorship Committee.

Pushkin was a happy family life. Of course there were anxieties, worries about money, which was never enough, but the family was joy and love. It can be read in his letters to his wife, whom he idolized and always admired her intelligence and kindness. In six years of marriage in love and the most tender affection Natalia gave birth to four children (Mary, Alexander, Gregory and Natalia).

But in 1835 the poet’s wife was involved in an intrigue about her alleged Association with a cornet Dantes, which led in January 1837 to a duel between him and her husband, where Pushkin was seriously wounded and soon died. After her husband’s death, that Natalia was going through very difficult, she and her children and older sister went to Polotnyanyy Zavod. In the village in the care of brother and mother, she lived for two years, continuing to maintain relations with the family of Pushkin and his friends. In Michael she delivered the first monument on the grave of the great poet.

In 1839, Natalia returned to St. Petersburg, but abandoned the high life, preferring home life surrounded by numerous relatives and friends. Only in 1843, for the first time after a long seclusion, the widow of the poet, visited the theatre, where he was noticed by the Royal couple, and she again had to appear at court.

Then Natalia met with General P. Lansky, who was the brother of her brother. He first visited Pushkina simply as a pleasant acquaintance, but soon made her a proposal, and their wedding took place in July 1844 in Strelna. He never married and children Pushkin took as a family. The new family was born three daughters. Natalia has never forgotten poet, and that her sense Lansky treated with great tact and respect.

But despite the care and love of the family that Natalia was surrounded with experienced suffering have shattered her health. She was often sick heart, she suffered from lung diseases. Not helped by the treatment abroad. In the fall of 1863 during a trip to Moscow (to the christening of a grandson) she caught a cold and upon returning home, fell ill with severe pneumonia, after which it has not recovered.

Died Natalia Nikolaevna Pushkina-Lanskaya (November 26) December 8, 1863 in St. Petersburg. Her ashes were buried at the Lazarevskoe cemetery of Alexander Nevsky Lavra.

1907 — Jonas Biliunas (b. 1879), the Lithuanian writer.

1932 Gertrude Jekyll, the famous British designer, writer and artist.

Born on 29 Nov 1843 in London in the family of captain Edward Dicillo. Five years after this event, the Jekyll family left London and settled in Surrey, where Gertrude grew up.

In London Jekyll returned when she was eighteen. Here she began to take painting lessons. But after a few years her name was known to many — the work of Gertrude was very popular and brought substantial income.

In 1876 his father passed away Gertrude, and she had alone to take care of mother. By the time she started quickly to deteriorate eyesight and the doctors strongly advised against drawing and embroidery. Two years later she and her mother moved to Surrey. Here Gertrude gets a house and land. It was there that Gertrude for the first time created a splendid garden, on the improvement of which she worked for many years.

Jekyll soon began to work in a popular magazine “the Garden” and often received orders for creating unique design projects. Her extraordinary thinking, great skill, taste and creative talent have created many masterpieces. A little later, Gertrude began working with architect Edwin Lutyens, which subsequently — for more than two decades worked together.

In 1899, Gertrude was given the post of chief editor of “Garden”. More time has been writing books. Each Jekyll collections became later the leadership in landscape design.

1980 — John Lennon, the greatest British rock musician, singer, composer, poet, artist, public figure, founder and leader of the band “The Beatles”.

Born on October 9, 1940, according to many sources, during the RAID of the German air force at Liverpool. John’s parents, Julia and Alfred divorced immediately after the birth of her son, and the boy took care of his mother’s sister.

In high school John had very low grades, but he had already demonstrated leadership qualities, coupled with the brash free-thinking. He drew caricatures of the teaching staff of the school, published the magazine and sang in the school choir.

In 1956, inspired by rock-n-roll and work of Presley, Lennon creates a group, the Quarry Men, in honor of the school in which he studied all team members. In 1957, fate brings John and Paul McCartney, who immediately becomes a member of the ensemble. And after a while Paul has his friend George Harrison.

Creative activity is so absorbed Lennon when he passed his final exams at school, but nevertheless enrolled at Liverpool art College where he met his future wife Cynthia Powell.

In 1958, as a result of the accident killed John’s mother. In 1959, the Quarry Men, the group breaks up, and in its place appears The Beatles. Early The Beatles led a completely immoral life, did drugs, swore and drank alcohol on stage. All this changed with the arrival of a group as a Manager Brian Epstein in 1961.

In 1963, the Beatles had already said all of Europe, and in 1964 the group became world famous. Lennon became the leader of the team. 23 Aug 1962 John married Cynthia Powell. He soon gave birth to a boy Julian. Along with musical activity in 1964-1965 Lennon writes and publishes books of his poetry and prose.

In 1964-1966 the Beatles headed all the charts and were in the Zenith of fame. To approve Lennon, they were more popular than Jesus. In 1967, John again was addicted to drugs and lost the lead in the group.

In 1968, Lennon divorced Cynthia, and in 1969 he entered into a marriage with Yoko Ono. 8 December 1980 John Lennon was killed by a mentally unstable U.S. citizen who had recently given his autograph…

1994 — Michael B. Kreps, Russian poet, literary critic, palindromic (b. 1940).

1999 — iris Murdoch, English writer.

Born into an Anglo-Irish family. Studied classical Philology at Oxford University (1938-1942) and philosophy at Cambridge (1947-1948). He taught philosophy at Oxford. There in 1956, she married John Bailey, Professor of English literature, writer and art critic, with whom she lived for about 40 years. Children of the writer was not.

Murdoch wrote 26 novels and is the author of philosophical and dramatic works. Murdoch’s debut in literature was a novel of 1954 “Under network”. In 1987 she was awarded the title of Lady Commander of the order of the British Empire. In 1995, iris Murdoch writes his last novel, “Jackson’s Dilemma”, which was received by critics rather cold.

The last years of his life the writer was struggling with Alzheimer’s. Iris Murdoch died on 8 February 1999, in a nursing home.

Iris Murdoch is widely recognized as one of the best novelists of the twentieth century and an acknowledged classic of modern literature.

About the life of writer in 2001 for the film “iris”, where the role of iris played by Kate Winslet and Judi Dench. Both Actresses for their roles was nominated for the award “Oscar”.

Archive of papers of iris Murdoch assembled in the library of the University of Iowa.

2001 — Alexander G. Khmelik (b. 1925), playwright, screenwriter (“my Friend, Kolka!”, “Nameless star”, “Poor Masha”), the chief editor of “Yeralash”.

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