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In this day were born:

1935 — woody Allen (real name Allen Stewart Konigsberg) (pictured), American film Director, writer, actor, producer.

Born in new York. At that time, the family of Kenigsberga lived in Brooklyn, the mother of Neti worked as an accountant, and father, Martin was a jeweler.

Alias, the future founder of the “intelligent Comedy” took in his youth, when started writing small pieces for Newspapers and TV shows. Since 1957, woody himself takes the stage with their humorous anecdotes.

The first, oddly enough, a failure step to a directing career was the study of Allen in the new York University course communication and cinematography, where he crashed out.

His first picture, “What happened, tiger Lily?” Director woody was shot in 1966, followed by a number of parody films such as “take the money and run”. The parody is a distinctive feature of creativity of the Maestro. It easily modifies the classics of literature and cinema.

Since the beginning of the 1970s, woody Allen is actively promoted as a film Director, screenwriter and actor in the new genre of “intelligent Comedy” and becomes the best comedians of Hollywood.

The three-time winner of the award “Oscar” woody was awarded this prestigious award in 1977 for the film “Annie Hall”. Among his best films worth noting: “Interiors”, “Zelig”, “mighty Aphrodite,” “Match point,” “Bullets over Broadway”, “what you wanted to know about sex * but were afraid to ask”, “Manhattan”, “Love and death”, “Hannah and her sisters”.

Woody Allen is also widely known as a writer. His satires were published in the magazine “new Yorker”. Popular collections of short stories “Reducing scores”, “Without feathers” and the play “the Floating light bulb”, “don’t drink the water”. The latter became a hit and was staged on Broadway 598 times.

1952 — Stephen Poliakoff, English playwright and Director.

On this day died:

1792 – Denis Ivanovich Fonvizin, the famous Russian writer, author of comedies.

Born (3) 14 APR 1745 in Moscow in a noble family. He studied in the gymnasium at Moscow University, and then in the University at the faculty of philosophy.

In 1756-1759 years and participated in Amateur performances of University theater of Mikhail Kheraskov, and then in a Public theatre with professional actors. In the period from 1769 to 1782 he worked as the Secretary to count Panin in the Ministry of foreign Affairs. In the years 1777-1787 Fonvizin living in France.

Activities Fonvizin as a writer began in his student years, he makes a number of translations of the fables and satirical works from German. During his creative life of the writer transferred 226 fables.

Fonvizin, the first piece written that was “Message to my servants Shumilov, Vanka and Petrushka”. In 1769, written by the Comedy “Brigadier” (published only in 1786), and in 1783 published his most famous Comedy of “Ignoramus”.

Legend has it that after the premiere of “Ignoramus” in St. Petersburg to Fonvizina approached Prince Potemkin, and said, “Die, Denis, better not write”. According to another version, these are the words of Derzhavin, and not to Prince Potemkin.

Comedy “the Greenhorn” until now, with great success, performed on the stages of theatres. According to the classical tradition, characters of this “speaking” names: Prostakova, Cotinine, Mitrofan, Sophia, Tsifarkin, Wellman etc.

While learning in Nizhyn gymnasium of Nikolay Gogol played in student productions, the role of Prostakova.

In the last years of his life, Fonvizin was working on his autobiographical “confession”, but to finish it did not – 1 Dec 1792 Denis Ivanovich was not.

1825 — Elizabeth B. Coleman (b. 1808), Russian poet of German origin.

1947 – Crowley, Edward Aleister, writer, author of occult works.

Born October 12, 1875 in Leamington, England. My parents belonged to the sect called Plymouth brethren. From early childhood, Alistair studied the Bible, but after his father’s death even the entreaties of his mother Emily Burt did not help to instill the Christian faith in the heart of Alistair.

In 1895 Crowley is a student at Cambridge University, where he first studied philosophy, psychology, Economics, and then enjoys in-depth study of English literature. At the same time interested in the occult and mysticism. Books on alchemy, magic and mysticism began at this time his “Board”. Three years later, throws a training and leaves the University.

In 1898 published the first book of Alistair. At the same time he became acquainted with Julian Baker and Samuel Mathers. Finds like-minded people and teachers in the Hermetic order of the Golden dawn. Thanks to Alain Bennett, who was a friend and former member of the “Golden dawn”, Crowley learns about Buddhism. Due to the new ideological reasons Crowley is leaving the company “Golden dawn”, quarreled with Mathers in the nines.

Later this Crowley write his novel “moon Child” Mathers (SRMD) plays the role of villain, Bennett – mentor, protagonist and sage Simon IFF.

In 1901, he studies the practices of Raja Yoga, a year later released his Essay “Berashith”, where Crowley is considering meditation as a “means to achieve the goal”.

In 1904 he goes to Mexico to commit magical experiments. After visiting Egypt, Crowley was acquainted with the philosophy of Thelema. Published “The Book Of The Law.” In 1907, Crowley creates the order of the Silver star, and writes the “code of the Holy books of Thelema”.

In subsequent years, will be written such works as:

“Magic in theory and practice”, “the Equinox of the Gods”, “8 lectures on yoga”, “Magic without tears” and others.

Alistair died on 1 December 1947.

In 1978, Petro Panch (real name Peter Josipovic Panchenko) (b. 1891), Ukrainian writer (“Bubbling Ukraine”, “Kalinov bridge”).

1987 — James Arthur Baldwin, an American Negro writer.

Born on August 2, 1924 in the family of his stepfather, the priest, and was the eldest of nine children. His own father Baldwin never knew and in part suffered from this, which is reflected in some of his works (“Tell me when the train left,” “Go tell it mountain”, “Giovanni’s Room” and others). Before graduating from high school Baldwin follows in the footsteps of his stepfather helps him in the Church. But the older you become the future writer, the more clearly he understands that preaching his stepfather at odds with what is happening on the streets of Harlem, and, most importantly, with the behavior of the stepfather at home. After high school in the Bronx, Baldwin moved to Greenwich village, where he begins his literary career.

Having spent his childhood and adolescence in Harlem and Greenwich village in one of the most disadvantaged areas of new York, — Baldwin began to write about their views and understanding of what is happening around. His first journalistic articles imbued with the spirit of denial of racism that prevails around a young man.

Therefore, receiving a prize for his first novel “Go tell it from the mountain” in 1948, Baldwin left the USA and went to the Old world, to Paris.

Being black and gay in a racist and homophobic America 40-ies of XX century, being in the grip of double, arriving in France, Baldwin is doing here is like a breath of fresh air. His main works written on the banks of the Seine, and it is here that Baldwin spent most of his life. He only twice returned home and was an active member of the movement Martin Luther king — the only movement, the ideology which he shared almost completely. But the writer left Europe, he returned a second time from the States, not left to the end of life.

Died November 30, 1987 in Saint-Paul-de-Vence.

2000 — Fedor Polenov (b. 1929), writer.

The events of the day:

1887 — published the first book about the famous detective novel “a Study in scarlet”, appeared Sherlock Holmes.