The winners of the literary prize “the letter E”

In the Cultural center of Andrei Voznesensky has announced the winners of the award “the letter E” and solemnly handed over awards to winners in 5 categories. Among the finalists, the jury selected the most talented writers self-publishing who have published their works and downloaded audiobooks on the platform of “Litres”.

A list of the best were chosen by a jury headed by the famous writer Dmitry Bykov, in its composition, was a poet and the editor of the publication “the New world” Andrey Vasilevsky, literately “” Natalia Kochetkova, literately “Forbes” Natalia Lomakina, writer and journalist Denis Dragunsky and voice actor Sergey Chonishvili. Each of the judging team read 4 novels, 5 collections of short fiction and 3 poetry.

The prize in the nomination “Major prose” was divided Tatiana Mastryukovo with the book “Bolotnytsia” and Oleg Mushinsky of the detective novel “the lighthouse of Peter the Great”. In the category “Small prose” winner was Eugene Kretova with the storybook “House with panoramic Windows”, any more than all members of the officiating team. Readers of the book service Livelib opted for “Hedgehog milk” Alexey Ilyin and “Voices” Oleg Kholodov. The winner in the nomination “the Best reader” at the end of current season called Elena Polonezkoy.

Until last year the award “the letter E”, established Internet company “Litres” 8 years ago, was given to the most popular Russian writers who distributed their works in electronic format. To date, the award has become a way of the search and selection of talented authors of samizdat. In order to be among the nominees, you need to load your text into a publishing platform “Litres: Samizdat” or voiced audiobook – on “Litres: the Reader”.