The winners of the French literary Prize Medici

This season the main literary prize French Prize Medici went to Pierre Gioto for “poetic autobiography” – a book “Idiotie” (Ed. Grasset).

This award was created 60 years ago French poet, novelist and playwright Jean-Pierre Giraudoux, in his opinion the famous Goncourt prize and Grand Prix at the French Academy quite unfairly paid no attention to the work of writers of the avant-garde.

At first, the Prix Médicis was awarded to the representatives of the school “new novel”, but later the range of contributors has been expanded but the main condition is preserved – it was awarded “author of the novel or short story, whose name is not yet known to a wide circle of readers, but which has a definite original talent.” Since 1970 have nagrady the nomination “Best foreign work” and the award Prix Médicis Etranger began to give foreign writers, since 1985 Prix Médicis Essai were handing over the best essays.

By coincidence the winning “Idiocy” describes the life of 18-year-olds in the autumn of 1958, just left the walls of 9-year-old boarding school in Lyon and entering adulthood, who spends the night under the bridges of Paris and later of the last Algerian war.

In the remaining two categories of the Prix Médicis was named a very popular book. So the Medicis prize in the nomination “foreign writers” – Prix Médicis Etranger – awarded American writer Rachel Kushner, for her novel “The Mars Room” (Ed. Stock). The winner of the Medici prize for the best essays – Prix Médicis Essai became “Lehman Brothers” Stefano Massini (Ed. Globe), a book about money that control the world, embodied by the famous family of American bankers.