The winners of the first contest “the Author on stage” became playwrights from Russia and Ukraine

The participants of the competition were 235 playwrights from 13 countries

MOSCOW, 6 Dec. The winners of the creative competition on the best play “of the Author – on the scene” there were nine writers from Russia and one from Ukraine. The solemn awards ceremony was held on the new stage of the Moscow art theatre (MKhT) named after Chekhov, the correspondent of TASS.

The participants of the competition were 235 playwrights from 13 countries, the finalists included 10 of the authors from Moscow, St.-Petersburg, Ufa, Tolyatti, Voronezh, and Kiev. Award in the amount of 500 thousand rubles and the ability to put his play in the state theatres in Russia was, in particular, Valery Alferov for “the law of the boomerang”, Natalia Demchik for the “Subtle matter”, Sergey Kochnev for “the Rustle of mighty wings,” Oleg Malyshev for the “precious gift,” Alexander Pozdnyakov, for “General”, Yuri rybczynski for “King Herod” and Shaura Shakurova, who wrote “the blue fog”.

Rewarding diplomas at the competition was awarded to Anne Hagan (“Season of sunsets”), Andrey Parkhomenko and Irina Yakubovskiy (“Hello, Carlson”) and Valery Rokotov (“Bulgakov and the devil”). Their plays together with the works of winners will be published in 2019 in the literary journal “Modern drama”, which will direct to theatres, to enable them to expand the repertoire.

“Believe that, based on our social pain drama will return to the stage, and again will excite the audience. The competition, which started this year, we are trying to start to initiate the return process,” said writer and playwright, Chairman of the National Association of writers Yuri Polyakov, who headed the competition jury.

The contest started in March 2018. His goal was the search for new plays that reflect the contemporary reality and raising current issues. “Overwhelmingly support the story of the return of modern drama on the stage. The talent search is to devote all the resources and it’s our job to ease their way, it will be dedicated to the work of the culture Committee of the state Duma”, – said the head of the Committee Elena Yampolskaya.

The jury also included the CEO of a professional organization – initiator of the contest “Theatrical agent” Victoria Sladkovskaya; playwright, novelist, Workshop leader of drama Literary Institute. A. M. Gorky Vladimir Malyagin, honored artist of Russia, Director of the Moscow academic art theater named after M. Gorky, Alexander Dmitriev and other leading cultural figures.