The winner of the Prix Goncourt was Nicolas Mathieu

His book about first love in academics is recognized as the best French novel of 2018.

In France announced the results of the Prix Goncourt — the most prestigious literary awards. This year’s winner was a writer Nicolas Mathieu. His book “Children after them” (Leurs enfants apres eux) Goncourt Academy was recognized as the best literary work in 2018. It voted six experts out of ten.

The action of his new book, the 40-year-old writer takes in 1992. According to reviewers, this book is “a story about first love, first summer, all of which predetermine”. The main character of the novel was a 14-year-old boy, Anthony, is experiencing first love.

As emphasized by literary critics, the Goncourt Academy stopped this time your choice on the “political and social mural, based on the life of French youth”. The members of the Academy read a few hundred novels released by publishers in recent months.

Along with the announcement of the winner of the Prix Goncourt is named and the winners of other literary awards. So, Renaud prize was awarded to writer Valerie Manteau for the book “the Road” (Le sillon). In it the author tells the story of a Turkish journalist of Armenian origin Hrant Dink.

Literary award was established by the brothers Edmond and Jules de Goncourt in 1903. Since then it has been awarded annually. Awarded at different times was Marcel Proust, Maurice Druon and andré Malraux. The prize was also awarded to the writers of Russian origin Henri troyat, Elsa Triolet, Romain Gary, andré makin.

All ten members of the Goncourt Academy are elected for life and work for free. The ceremony of choosing the winner of the award has not changed for many years. Traditionally, all academics gather at the restaurant “Groin” (Drouant) and choose the winner by voting. The prize winner receives a very small fee (about 10 euros), but it is guaranteed by the large circulation at home and translations into foreign languages.