The winner of the “Big book” became Maria Stepanova

At a ceremony in the Pashkov House in Moscow awarded the winners of National literary award “Big book” for 2018.

The long list of the 13th season of the award included 41 book, in the short – 8, among which the “Bureau of inspection” by Alexander Arkhangelsky, “June” Dmitry Bykov, “People of the black dragon” Alexei Vinokurov, “rainbow and Heather” Oleg Ermakova, “Theatre of despair. Desperate theater” Yevgeny Grishkovets, “long Jump” by Olga Slavnikova, “Memory of memory” Maria Stepanova and “recipe creation” by Andrey Filimonov.

By the decision of the Literary Academy winner of the first prize was Maria Stepanova. The second prize was awarded to Alexander Arkhangelsky, who has called for solidarity also urged to contribute to raising funds for “Coffee hall”. Third prize went to Dmitry Bykov.

Bulls – only three times winner of the “Big book”. In 2005 he became the first winner of the first prize for the novel-a biography “parsnips”, and in 2011 received third prize for his novel “Astromov, or the sorcerer’s Apprentice”.

Award for contribution in literature was awarded to Lyudmila Petrushevskaya, who have not accepted a gift bouquet, artistically saying: “I cut flowers do not like. Flowers should be in pot. Then they are long, I talk to them”.

The winners of the popular vote “Big book”, which was attended by almost two thousand people in 2018 were Dmitry Bykov (first place), Andrey Filimonov Oleg Ermakov.