The way of the warrior! In the book: last chance to run the Marathon Superhard Book 2018!

Attention, attention!Nov 11 the countdown begins: the end of the Book Marathon in 2018 there will be 50 days! It will end on 30 Dec at 19:00 Moscow time. This is the last chance for those who love the spectacular and dramatic to win the book race: 50 days and 50 points , the most difficult distance of Superhard! Go for it!

At the moment the Book Marathon 2018 joined by 1163 people, including 506 become active participants, and 57 had already finished at different distances from the light to Supercharge. The joint efforts of members read more than 6,000 books, that is, exactly half of all reported. This is truly epic!

Monitor your progress and the progress of friends on the page of AU. Agree, the new design is pleasing to the eye.

Summer Book Marathon partners joined Every month, marathon runners receive prizes. More details in the theme of the Book Prizes to the participants of the Marathon.

Book marathon proudly walks on social networks. Join us! Take photos of books, write reviews, discuss items and don’t forget the hashtags #bookmix and #книжныймарафон2018. Tell your friends about us and invite to race. There is still time!

The best photo entered into our monthly special section.

Follow our feed at Instagram, follow @bookmix, stay tuned and join hands.

To finish there are only 50 days. The runners have the opportunity to run your distance, and report many interesting books. Good luck and good race!