The tracks “Petrov in influenza and beyond”

On the website of the Municipal Association of libraries of Yekaterinburg posted an interactive map of places mentioned in the famous novel by Alexey Salnikov “Petrov in influenza and beyond”, which this year was awarded the literary prize “national bestseller”.

Yekaterinburg librarians carefully after going through the entire work, struck the route cruising the Yekaterinburg main character, perpetrates headphones delirium. The map depicted 14 different points that somehow appear in the piece.

Among them:

The square of 1905
“In fact, sat quietly almost the entire class, and raged only three people, not counting the teacher, but it was enough to Petrov was relieved to fall out of the train onto granite station “Ploschad 1905 goda” and threw a sympathetic glance, remaining in the carriage of passengers”

Street Malysheva
“Sergei hour walked along the street Malysheva, looking at the stalls and shops, until he finally plucked up the determination.”

The Volkhonka Theatre
“From the unfortunate passengers Petrov distracted narrow snout stay near Volkhonka theatre, where he promised new year’s performances, and Petrov gleefully thinking that I bought a ticket to the theatre”.

Posadskaya Street
“…it’s like saying goodbye to the Chinese Emperor, protruded from the kiosk. Crazy and their children was gone, Petrov looked for their bright coats and jackets that would easily singled out in the surrounding white, but Posadskaya street was spacious and rare people.”

The Colosseum Cinema
“It was already a quarter to ten, at ten in the morning was the appointed tree, and they were still standing in front of a traffic light, admiring the Colosseum cinema, and my son’s face was the same sad, like Alexander the great on world cinema”

and so on.

With the literary route can be found on the website of the city libraries.