The Tambov deputies liked the “Book tree”

Tambov parliamentarians as part of the book shares purchased, read and donated to the local library more than 200 books. And in total MPs in the framework of cooperation was presented to the Pushkin library of over 800 books.

Back in the spring in the premises of the Tambov regional Duma dismissed their multicolored leaves with the names of literary publications “Book tree” – so began the eponymous charity event. Tearing a leaf with an unusual art object it was necessary to purchase the specified volume, then read the work and then to donate to the library institution. Some officials tore down whole bunches of leaves, and on the endpapers of the books read left wishes to the future readers.

Share “Book tree-2018” supported, in addition to parliamentarians, the staff of regional administration and local forestry. The library staff, which acted as the initiators of the action, while oriented to the tastes of his readers by writing on sheets of paper and the novelties of literature that is marked foreign and domestic awards, and non-fiction books, and studies, and popular works, sparingly represented in the library collection.

In the fall, as expected, the “book tree” completely dropped their leaves, and in the library at the end of last week were summarized results of 5-month reading marathon. Library Director Lyudmila Pronin noted that the Fund companies have added “Scenes from provincial life” winner of the Nobel prize, John Maxwell Coetzee, a new novel Guzel agenoy the “my Children”, newspaper Stephen Hawking “Theory of everything”, a thick “Santarama” by Gregory Roberts, the immortal verses of Omar Khayyam, detectives Alexandra Marinina and many other works of literature.

Now the Tambov parliamentarians expect that next spring the “Book tree” will bloom again – they liked to be aware of books.