The Swedish Academy will form a new Nobel Committee for literature

The Swedish Academy, together with the Nobel Foundation decided to form a new Nobel Committee for literature, reported in the official press release from the Academy. It is expected that the Committee will work in 2019 and 2020.

To the new Committee, which will start in February next year, will consist of ten experts: five independent critics and publishers, as well as the five permanent members of the Academy historian Horace Engdahl, poets Christina Luhn and Jesper, Svenja, permanent Secretary of the Swedish Academy Anders Olsson, Chairman of will be the writer’s first Westberg.

We will remind, the Nobel prize in literature this year is not presented. The reason for this was the mistrust of the Swedish Academy, caused the outbreak in 2017 scandal. It turned out that “a person close to the Nobel prize” revealed the names of the award recipients before the official awards ceremony. In addition, 18 women have accused the husband of one of the members of the Swedish Academy in sexual harassment.

The Swedish Academy recognizes that the reputation of the Nobel prize in literature has suffered as a result of scandals which also led to the departure of several permanent members of the Academy from their posts.

This year the winner of “alternative Nobel prize” – the prize “New Academy” of Sweden was a French writer Maryse Conde, a book which noted the description of the “horrors of colonialism and the chaos of postcolonialism”.