The street in Tver proposed to give the name of Andrei Dementiev

The street in Tver can give the name of Andrei Dementyev, told “RG” the widow of the poet Anna Pugach. This issue will be discussed in the framework of the jubilee-commemorative events dedicated to the 90th anniversary of the birth of the poet.

In particular, 2, along with the poetry of Andrey Dementiev in St. Petersburg will open the exhibition “Lermontov-artist”. On it you will see pencil drawings of Mikhail Lermontov from the collection of the Museum-reserve “Tarkhany”. By the way, will be provided to Tver for the first time. The choice of name is not accidental: Mikhail was a favorite poet Andrey Dementyev and his portrait has always stood on his Desk. The exhibition in Tver will be opened by the Director of the Museum “Tarkhany”, the laureate of the State prize of Russia Tamara Melnikova.

A new name can get Valadarski street. On this street stands the House of poetry of Andrei Dementyev, outdoor five years ago, also near it was the house where the poet was born. Here – the temple, where married parents of the poet, and then baptized Andrei Dementyev.

And on 15 November in the State Kremlin Palace in Moscow will host a big concert-dedication to Andrey Dementyev “time Bends”. “We specifically did not call this evening concert, the concert dedicated – says Anna Pugach. – We wanted to mark the 90th anniversary of Andrei Dmitrievich. But it turned out a little differently… However, it will be a feast. Andrei Dementyev it was a very Sunny and energetic person. The evening will be the same. The main thing – the poet was born and if he was born and held, then he exists.” Songs on poems by Andrey Dementyev will perform pop stars and friends of the poet.