The story of two poets

Oleg Khlebnikov and Ekaterina Sokolova awarded the “Parabola”

For the first time, seemed to have acquired the house at the Cultural center of Andrei Voznesensky has announced the winners of the fifth anniversary of the award “Parabola” Foundation. A. Voznesensky.

The main prize awarded to the chief Director of the Theater. EVG. Vakhtangov , Yuri Butusov for the play “Drums in the night” (Theatre. Pushkin), the work of Bertolt Brecht. Of course, it’s a little weird that in 2018, the prize is awarded for the performance of 2016. However, even this is a tribute to Brecht, which this year 120 years since the birth of.

The name of the winner announced jury member actress Alla Demidova: “it was the sixties: Lyubimov, Efros, and then came the storm, the destruction. And then there were three brave souls: Butusov, mantis, silver. Their avant-garde. They are an object for reflection. They’re all workaholics. What happens Butusova in the Vakhtangov Theatre is very interesting. We are all waiting with bated breath”.

Zoya Boguslavskaya were quick to notice that Yuri will be awarded the prize on 11 November, as soon as I return from Seoul, where he today is the premiere.

Prize awarded film Director Roman Zhigalov for the film “the Forest” and poet and writer Oleg Khlebnikov for the book “Notes on the aura”. The book includes almost autobiographical novel “Three father and many uncles” in which the author recalls his inner circle: Alexis Herman, Bulat Okudzhava, Andrei Voznesensky, Yevgeny Yevtushenko, David Samoylov, Yury Shchekochikhin, Stanislav Rassadin, and many others, as well as the poem “Pavlenko Street” and the essay collection “Departed poets”.

The Chairman of jury Yury kublanovsky, announcing the winner, said: “Today, October 30, the Day of memory of victims of political repression. Khlebnikov is one of those, thanks to whom this memory alive and growing in the consciousness of our society.”

Khlebnikov, receiving the award, said his poem:

As for my aunt, she
suffered for a joke.
It was a fun aunt! Even war
gagged her mouth in time.

At this time, loved the demure and those
who quietly demure disliked.
Loved the jokes funny. Laughter
at this time was booming.

The laughter rolled out across the country —
from Kolomna to Kolyma…
Survived the great Patriotic war,
perished in the civil we.

Announcing the next winner in the youth category, is a poet, kublanovsky said: “Today in a familiar language everything has already been said, and a new one is produced with difficulty. And just our laureat “speaks” the new language”.

On the stage stood a poet Ekaterina Sokolova. The award she received for the book “Volchatnik”.

Youth prize awarded actor Philip Gourevitch for the role of Vasiliy Stepanovich Shabunina in the film “purpose”.

A grant for a new project was the architect Agniya Sterligova for the architectural concept of the exhibition space of the Cultural center of Andrei Voznesensky. By the way, the center opened its doors this year, the year of the 85th anniversary of Andrei Voznesensky. It seems that the poet is finally home, now you can come to visit.

Recall that the jury of the “Parabola” there is no permanent Chairman, annually elected from among the members of the jury. Constant “leader” of the award remains Chairman of the Foundation. A. Voznesensky, Zoya Boguslavskaya. This year, under the leadership of poet Yury Kublanovsky winners were chosen by a jury composed of: the Director Vadim Abdrashitov, actor Oleg Menshikov, literary critic, translator Elena Pasternak, poet, writer Maria Stepanova, actress Alla Demidova and the composer Alexei Rybnikov.

The name of the award is the echo of lines from a poem by Andrei Voznesensky: “Go to their truths / different brave / Worm through the gap, / person — parabola”. About almost every winner can say — so.

Over the years, “Parabola”, it became the winners: the poets Andrey Grishaev, Andrey Polyakov, Maria Vatutin, Vladimir Kozlov, publisher Alexei Kostanian, Director Vladimir Pankov Kirill Serebrennikov, the actors Vladimir Mashkov, Timofey Tribunal and Philip Avdeev, composer Dmitri kourliandski, conductor Teodor Currentzis, pianists Ekaterina Mechetina and Philip Kopachevsky and many others.

Declared winner of the “Parabola”