The robot wrote a story for the literary contest

The program was able to develop and Refine the proposed human story. Artificial intelligence wrote a story for the project “the Future”, consisting of the literary contest and educational program about science fiction. In collaboration with one of the employees Meanotek the system has generated sub-headings and text fragments for a given human subject. The editor chose the best parts, made edits and wrote the ligament between the fragments, resulting in the story appeared unplanned elements of the story, prompted by the generated text.

Artificial intelligence has generated a story called “the Frog spreads its wings”. It is interesting that in the story the main character also deals with artificial intelligence, and the dialogues created by the program, left unchanged. To read them as text art funny and unusual.

– Only here I feel good.

– Oh, no. You a lot about yourself don’t know Photino.

You think so? What I don’t understand myself?

I didn’t say… I don’t think you understand what you can’t understand.

You’re always very strange.

– This is my style. Are you still here?

– Yes, of course. Where else can I be.

The story of the robot, unfortunately, not included in the long list of awards, but the experiment was interesting.

The jury consisted of critics Galina Yuzefovich, journalist and writer Nikolay V. Kononov, author of books on digital culture, Lev manovich, artist and writer Pavel Pepperstein and expert in the field of molecular biology, Professor of the SKOLKOVO Institute of science and technology Konstantin Severinov.