The Oxford dictionary announced the word of the year

The Oxford dictionary chose the word 2018 adjective “toxic” (toxic), which are synonymous with the word “poison”, “poisoned”. This was reported on the website of the dictionary.

The interest of the adjective toxic in the current year has increased significantly, experts say: this adjective has been used in different contexts, both literally and in a metaphorical sense, as well as the number of views the page with the meaning of this word has increased by 45%. Most often an adjective used in the phrase “toxic chemicals”, “toxic masculinity”, “toxic environment” and “toxic substance”.

According to the authors of the dictionary, of interest to the expressions of “toxic chemicals” and “toxic substance” has grown after the poisoning in Britain of former GRU Colonel Sergei Skripal and his daughter. The expression “toxic masculinity” is related to the subject of sexual harassment, which became relevant after a number of scandals. In addition, the popularity of this expression contributed to the movement against sexual harassment #MeToo (“me too”).

A combination of “toxic environment” is most often used today when the speaker is referring to “adverse working conditions” affecting the psychological health of employees.

Last year the Oxford dictionary has chosen word of the year the expression “youth revolt” (youthquake).