The most well-known writers version of the Instagram users

How to find out who the writers are actually the most popular? You can request statistics from the bookstore, to conduct a survey among the readers or… to log into Instagram.

Users of this social network is actively used hashtags, mentioning authors you particularly love or read right now. The analysis of hashtags among English-speaking audience was very curious list.

Integrally writer – William Shakespeare. Despite the fact that the author lived and worked in the late XVI – early XVII century, the Instagram users put hashtags with his name 2 010 059 times. 1 515 950 references had on his works, and most popular, of course, “Romeo and Juliet”.

In second place was the old Tolkien – 045 964 mention it again. But the hashtag #LOTR (Lord of the Rings) set of 4 911 565 times! Apparently, the love of the fans to the magical world of “the Lord of the rings” with the development of technologies does not erode.

In third place Edgar Allan PoE – his name was assigned badge # 789 022 times. But the fourth surprise! writer and poet Maya Angelou, Russia is not very well known. Fifth place went to Jane Austen, it is mentioned 544 636 times.

It would be interesting to conduct a similar study among the Russian baxterma, so don’t hesitate to post pictures of books that I read, and, of course, do not forget to put hashtags!