The Ministry of culture has not issued a certificate for distribution to the American movie “hunter Killer” about rescue the Russian President during a military coup

In the Russian Ministry of culture has decided not to issue a distribution certificate picture called “hunter Killer”. In this regard, the Thriller, where the main roles are played by Gary Oldman and Gerard Butler may not be shown on the big screen in Russian cinemas. The distributor now has to negotiate with the cinemas on lifting sessions, because to rent this movie was supposed to come out November 1.

In the letters, a distributor that he has to send all Russian movie theaters, says that the moment the company has not received a document signed by the Ministry of culture, which would be allowed to start the screening of the film on the big screen. At the moment the distributor doesn’t understand anything because they were absolutely complied with all the rules. Documents and materials that are required to get a distribution certificate, were collected and submitted to the office in advance. A month and a half before the scheduled premiere was even a screener of the film. Neither at that time nor at any other time, there were no preconditions to the refusal to grant permission to hire a “hunter Killer”.

October 31, representatives of the company Megogo Distribution has made numerous attempts to find out the date of the issuance of certificates of rolling, and also his room. But despite the insistence that nothing has been achieved. Representatives of the Ministry of culture for all queries replied that the rental license is now signing.

The name of the film has been named after the American submarine “hunter Killer”. She takes part in the operation to free the President of the Russian Federation from prison, where he fell as a result of the country’s military coup. On its official channel of YouTube hosting Megogo Distribution published Russian trailer in the middle of August 2018. There is a shortened version of the trailer on which it was unclear which actions will be involved in the action. In the description of the film from Megogo Distribution has also decided not to mention the revolution in Russia.

Earlier, the film was unable to obtain permission for broadcasting on the territory of Ukraine. The reason for that is called showing in “hunter Killer” force of the Russian security services and weapons.