The management of the airport of Simferopol proposed to place in the building of the original work by Aivazovsky

In a press-service of the Simferopol airport on 5 December said about the desire to accommodate the original painting of the famous painter Ivan Aivazovsky. To get a picture and the ability to use it for decoration of airport, you must obtain a permit from the Russian Ministry of culture of the Feodosia picture gallery.

This proposal by the leadership of the Simferopol airport made for a reason, and after it was decided to give this airport name of the famous marine painter Ivan Aivazovsky. This decision was taken in the framework of the project called “Great names of Russia”. It is for the name change of the airport name Aivazovsky voted for a greater number of citizens who participated in the vote. By the way, it was a popular vote.

The press service of the Eugene Plaksina, who is Director General of the airport in Simferopol, said that connect the tendency in the popular vote to the name of Aivazovsky with the fact that the very structure of the airport made in the form of waves, and therefore resonates with all the works of the great Russian artist. In the future this theme can be extended and may be reflected in exhibitions of reproductions, interactive exhibits and Souvenirs. If the Ministry of culture and art gallery will meet the leadership of the Simferopol airport, then it will find a place for original paintings by Aivazovsky. The name of the artist Ivan Aivazovsky plan to display the interior of the building and in the corporate style.

It is worth remembering that the popular vote was conducted in the period 11-30 November. This time everyone could participate in this vote. It was looking for the names of great people for 47 airports in the territory of the Russian Federation. Just such a vote available to all residents of the country, attended more than five and a half million people. 2.7 million of this amount voted for their favourite option through social networks, as many citizens participated via live vote. Via a call to the hotline gave their votes only 220 thousand people.

Marine painter Ivan Aivazovsky was born in Feodosia, where they decided to found an art gallery, considered one of the oldest art museums throughout the Russian Federation. It is in this gallery is kept the largest number of works of the artist – 416 works of art. All his life, this talented man has written more than six thousand paintings.