The main prize of the Russian film Festival awarded the film “Trick”

Alexey Kharitonov for his film “Bribe”, the Festival of street cinema, which is held in the Russian Federation, won the main prize. The highest award of the festival was the prize that is shaped like a lantern.

The movie festival is held every year. Ended already the fifth festival, which took place in the period June-September. This is a little jubilee for all time of the show it was time to visit the 450 million viewers. Street screenings of films were held in 823 settlements. This festival is rightly called the most popular event, not only in the Russian Federation, but all over the world, for viewing movies under the open sky. During the review, there were selected nine films, which have had to fight for the main prize. A solemn ceremony held in Moscow’s Lumiere hall.

During the solemn ceremony were Alexander Seryakov, General producer of the Festival street movie. During his speech he told about the lantern, which became the main prize of the event and noted that it is only in this kind of a stylized lantern, which will no longer be any films like this could earn the film a “Bribe.”

A reward in the form of a lantern decided to not do accidentally, because voting for your favourite picture viewers had to light the lanterns that were given to them before the screenings held in different Russian mountains and other localities.

Alexey Kharitonov, Director of the film “Bribe”, during his speech thanked the producers who believed in the success of this painting, he also expressed gratitude to the actors find themselves to play in the inaugural work. We all wanted to win the main prize of the festival and are very pleased that this wish is fulfilled.

In the filming of this painting was attended by famous actors, including: Sergei Annenkov, Sergei Burunov, Alexander Revenko, Mikhail Trukhin, Nicholas, Kovbas. The film revolves around the main character who wants to close the case, giving a bribe to the investigator.

In the framework of the Festival street movie this decided to hold a competition where they could participate only by young Directors. By its terms, within a month everyone had to submit a formal application to participate and to make a short movie. The winner of the competition was Ivan Semenenko with the movie “to Live” and took home the award in 1 million rubles.