The jacket Michael Jackson sold at auction for $298 thousand

In Soedinennyh States held an auction Julien’s Auctions, which sold the jacket of the legendary Michael Jackson. This jacket, in black, which he wore in 1987-1989 during his Bad tour, his first ever solo music tour. The buyer who made the last bid for this lot, took this jacket to pay the amount of 298 thousand dollars. This price was three times bigger than the one that called appraisers. This was told in the Daily Mail.

In this news edition noted that the jacket Michael Jackson at the auction put Milton Verret – philanthropist, businessman from America. In addition this jacket they were put up for sale, and other things. He decided to sell a hundred items which include memorabilia from his rock-and-roll collection. One of them included a guitar Prince is an American musician. This musical instrument was of interest to the public that participated in the auction, as it is the tool with which Prince performed at his recent concerts in 2016.

Sold the guitar for 156 thousand dollars. The tenders were inserted and the jacket of this singer. This item of clothing was appealing because the musician played her in the movie called “Purple rain” in 1984. It was bought at auction for 37.5 thousand dollars.
Not all funds will be given to the businessman, set data lots for auction. Part of the amount from the sale of each lot will go to MusicCares. This is the name of a charity Foundation dedicated to helping musicians.

Jacket Michael Jackson was the most interesting lot. All things associated with it, when hit the auction are usually sold at very high prices. He’s a pop musician is recognized as the most successful performer in the entire history of this musical direction. During his career, he’s 15-time winner of the prestigious award Grammy, not to mention numerous other awards. Even Michael Jackson managed 25 just to get into the Guinness Book of records. Worldwide sold about one billion copies of his music records. It is worth remembering that recently, his name has been mentioned in prestigious publications. As even after the death of Michael Jackson and his work make a lot of money to relatives and heirs. Over the past year his work has earned 400 million dollars, which allowed him to lead the ranking of the people whose cultural heritage brings a high income, and after their death.