The Irkutsk region was the “Most popular region in Russia” 2018

The President of the Russian book Union Sergei Stepashin said that “Irkutsk – one of the few cities in our country, where, after the collapse of the Soviet Union increased the number of book stores”

SAINT PETERSBURG, November 15. Irkutsk oblast became the winner of all-Russian contest “the Most well-read region-2018”, the results of which were announced in the framework of St. Petersburg international cultural forum. As told at the ceremony of awarding the President of the Russian book Union Sergey Stepashin, the jury assessed not only the development conditions for the spread of reading in the region, but also creative initiatives that support people’s interest in the book.

“It’s not only about those infrastructure projects that are very successfully implemented in the regions, but also in creative, interesting projects handled. as for the Irkutsk region, everything is matched. The economy is growing, infrastructure projects [is] second or third place in all characteristics. By the way, Irkutsk – one of the few cities in our country, where, after the collapse of the Soviet Union increased the number of bookstores. Irkutsk oblast has become the most popular region of the country”, – said Stepashin.

The number of awards Irkutsk oblast received, in particular, a certificate for the best collection of books of Russian publishers in gift to libraries of the region. In addition to the winner were also named three of the winners of the contest in Volgograd, Moscow and Leningrad region. “I do not doubt that we will go to the winners, because Leningrad oblast… always loved and loves the book in all its forms,” commented the jury’s decision the Governor of the region Alexander Drozdenko.

All-Russian competition “the Most reading region” among the regions for the title of “the Literary flagship of Russia”, according to its creators, is designed to encourage the contribution of the regions in the development of literature in the cultural space of the country. Earlier the title of “the Literary flagship of Russia” was awarded to Ulyanovsk oblast, Voronezh oblast and St. Petersburg, who won the award last year.

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