The HBO adaptation of “My brilliant friend” Elena Ferrante

The most anticipated literary series of the season – and perhaps years – for many, should be based on the novel by Elena Ferrante’s “My brilliant friend”. Been shooting an eight part mini-series HBO is adapted to a movie first book in her “Neapolitan Quartet”. Those who were looking forward to the translation and the exit of each book of the cycle and moved “Ferrante fever” I understand.

The first two of the series premiere was shown at the Venice film festival, however, all looking forward to a fashionable audience quickly turned into “the General sighs” and widespread boredom. Accustomed to blockbusters and rapidly unfolding as spring the story, the audience is difficult to be reconstructed on a slow movie with subtitles. “My brilliant friend” is the first HBO series that shoots in a different language other than English – it was created together with the Italian network RAI. Directors of the filming was the Italian Director Saverio Costanzo.

HBO that you remember “Games of thrones”, and we know how sensitive and meticulous approach to implementation, kinoso – whether it is the location of the shoot, sewing costumes, casting, household items, decorations, etc. And here were prepared the project very thoroughly.

Emily temple on writes that picked up on the role of girlfriends Lena and Lila girls came perfect and play great. And the slowness with which the story develops, otherwise it can not show the life of a child in all things that are so important. Moreover, in the book it was, but there was also what attracted the unrelenting attention of the reader.