The Goncourt prize was awarded to Nicolas Mathieu for his novel “Children after them”

As it became known, yesterday the French writer Nicolas Mathieu became the winner of the Prix Goncourt – the most prestigious literary prize in the French-speaking world. He has received such honorary awards for his novel “Leurs enfants apres eux” (“Children after them”). The announcement of the winner took place in a Paris restaurant “Groin”, which traditionally takes place the gala dinner of 10 critics and writers Goncourt Academy.

The winner of the award, standing in front of a cloud of microphones in the restaurant “Groin”, said: “I spent 18 months in one room, and I suddenly became a rabbit in car headlights”. He added: “This award will inevitably change my life. I think about my son Oscar. In these cases, we go back to basics, I think about my family, about my parents, about the city where I was born, about the people I mentioned in the book, everything goes back to them”.

“Children after them” was the second novel 40-year-old writer after “Aux animaux la guerre” (“War of animals”), released 4 years ago. The name comes from the Bible, reminiscent of the vanity of all things: “There are others whose memory is lost, they are dead; and it’s like they never existed, as if they had never been born, and their children after them.”

The AFP journalist author of the book said that “Leurs enfants apres eux” – “is a novel of disillusionment”, it shows the lives of several teenagers who dreams of escape from everyday reality, and their parents. Despite all his bright dreams, Teens are doomed to live in a cramped life of his parents. Desires remain unfulfilled, even rage to live disappears.