The ghosts of hill house: in the footsteps of king

Stephen king has always been recognized in love, Gothic novel by Shirley Jackson “the haunting”, he appreciates the first adaptation of the book, released in 1963, and he wanted to write the script of the remake. In the early 1990s, he sat down to work, planning to bring Steven Spielberg, if not as Director, then as producer of the horror. But it didn’t. A remake of something removed, but it was made by the former operator Verhoeven, Jan de Bont, the film was heavily criticized. In October of 2018 Mike Flanagan presented his version in a series for Netflix. It will take part in our category “Book vs movie”.

The scientist and the subjects

In the affair the most sinister mansion from the title has become a platform for experiment, scientist, exploring the supernatural. The hero, John Markvo, brought home two girls to Theodore and Elinor “Nell”, which, in their opinion, open to the paranormal, as well as heir to the estate Luke.

Upon arrival, Nell began to succumb to the magnetic influence and gnathosoma house in which, as he thought, the ghosts of the former owners, especially cracking down brutal Hugh crane. All this, ultimately, leads to tragedy. The book was released in 1959 year and recognized example of the genre.

Jan de Bont failed

That bad of a remake (1999 year), it is possible that you saw him. It was played by Liam Neeson, Owen Wilson, Catherine Zeta-Jones and Lili Taylor. Neeson portrayed scientist-sleep, study the origins of insomnia, and the rest – all the same, Theo, Nell and Luke wanted to get rid of this problem. Alas, although Jan de Bont and tried to put the fear of God, to convey the atmosphere of the original failed.

This incredible Mike Flanagan

The series premiere of Mike Flanagan took place on 12 October 2018. I must say that made a name for himself as horrormeister, Flanagan am very impressed with us. Especially “hooked” his “Oculus” with Karen Gillan and “Gerald’s Game”, an adaptation of the novel by Stephen king, Carla, Gugino (about the movie we wrote in this same column). Initially, Flanagan, before removing the feature films, were hesitant to take on the series. It seemed to him that the material is not enough. But then everything happened. Flanagan was the co-writer and one of the Executive producers, and put himself all ten episodes. This approach: one season of the show in one movie, great work, remember Cary Fukunaga with his first season of “true detective” or Jean-Marc vallée with “Big little lies” and “Sharp objects”.

And here we must admit: from the plot of the novel Jackson was nothing left – only the names of some characters (who were, however, other people, any scientists and subjects is not in sight), “scenery”, that is not the night be commemorated, the house on the hill. Well, and its ghostly inhabitants. There would be fit to grumble, but! Rethinking modernity and history benefited from the project. And most importantly – the creepy component, but upon reading the novel, will not go away. So nervous and overly impressionable people watching is contraindicated – can be bad!

Escape and return

What was up with Flanagan associates? There is an old, quite dilapidated, mansion hill house, where in the summer of 1992, the year comes to a family of Cranes. This husband and wife, Hugh and architect Olivia, and their children: Stephen, Shirley, Theodore, Luke and Eleanor. A couple want to remodel the house, sell it, and money to build your own, spacious, bright, invented by Olivia. The repair is delayed, the inhabitants of frightening paranormal phenomena, in one night, Hugh would run away from the mansion by car with children but without a wife.

26 years later, the family reunited after one terrible accident (we won’t spoil!), in order to understand what happened back then, which led the family to escape, and why hill house has dealt another blow to the Crane. Each of the children their own destiny. For example, the eldest daughter Shirley became the owner of the funeral home and Theodore is gay and a child psychologist, Luke was a drug addict, and Steven chose the literary path.

Gugino, Thomas and Oscar-winning Hutton

We are already spoiled for TV and streaming services, and used that in the show often appear the stars. And I must say, Mike Flanagan was able to bring to his series of very recognizable actors! The role of Olivia was played by Carla Gugino. It somehow disappeared from the “radar” after the “spy Kids”, but appearing in “the Pines” and “Gerald’s Game”, that beautiful singer reminded again of itself.

Olivia’s husband, Hugh, was: “youth” – Henry Thomas (silbergasse “Alien”), and in “maturity” – Timothy Hutton, who won the “Oscar” in his youth. By the way, at the time he starred in the film adaptations of king books “the Dark half” and “Secret window”.

Children of the Crane: terrific casting

The eldest son of Stephen Crane depicts Michiel, Hausman, Dutch actor, known for “Game of thrones” (daario naharis). Elizabeth Reaser (Esme Cullen from “twilight”) was reincarnated in Shirley crane.

Perhaps the only actress Victoria Pedretti (Nell) – “dark horse”, as Oliver Jackson-Cohen (Luke) played in “Dracula” and “the emerald city”, and Kate Siegel (Theodore) flashed in many series.

Even girls who have become young Shirley and Theo can already be considered successful Actresses. The first was played by Lulu Wilson from “Sharp objects”, the second – McKenna grace (“Tony against all”, “Gifted”, “the Childhood of Sheldon”). They are great, see for yourself!

Fans of the genre must watch!

So, the conclusion is simple. Although Mike Flanagan brought us in SUCH a jungle compared to the novel, he managed to take a first-class horror film with well written characters, each character – their fears, their demons, their own life path. And what a dark, awful colors “pictures”!.. So if you’re a fan of the genre or just trust the opinion of Stephen king, who praised this adaptation, then hurry to see “the Ghosts of hill house”!