The exhibition “Treasures of Russian museums” will again be held in Moscow in 2019

November 4, Moscow will host the opening of the exhibition “Treasures of museums of Russia”. The venue of this event chose the CEH “Manege”. Last this exhibition for three weeks and will be closed on November 25. In this event visitors will be able to see more than 280 paintings created by famous artists. The exhibition includes paintings from 50 museums located in different parts of the Russian Federation.

The exhibition “Treasures of museums of Russia” will be the first event at which they presented paintings belonging to the museums from different parts of the countries. They will be transported to the event from Kaliningrad to Central Russia, Khanty-Mansiysk, the Volga region, Vladivostok and others.

Many of the works of the great artists that will be presented at the exhibition previously traveled outside of the region where the Museum is housed where they belong. This is despite the fact that these works created by artists that belong to the great people of Russia. For example, among them are the work of Petrov-Vodkin, Serov, Aivazovsky, Repin, and these paintings are quite well known and not only a narrow circle of specialists, and the General public. A considerable number of works specially to insert “Treasures of museums of Russia” was restored.

Scheduled event must show how it is wrong, supposedly in the provincial museums is not interesting, work. Visitors who will find the time to visit the “Arena” will have a unique opportunity to admire art works by Russian artists, which in normal time is stored in 50 different regions of the country. They will be able to understand that in reality the collections of the provincial museums can be interesting, because their creation takes a lot of work. Sometimes these collections are made up not one generation of Museum staff and collectors.

The organizers of the exhibition to collect work from different parts of the Russian Federation, had to overcome distance in more than 145 thousand kilometers. The exhibition “Treasures of museums of Russia” will be one of the major events in the Russian capital this year. Looking forward to her discoveries await art lovers and art historians.

This exhibition of 2018 haven’t even opened, and organizers are already talking about what are the plans for 2019 and even 2020. If the event proves successful and attracts the attention of visitors, the subsequent exhibitions may be even more interesting.