The difference between Pelevin and Sorokin will discuss in “the Pioneer”

Discussion about the works of Vladimir Sorokin will take place on 5 November

Recently, the publishing house Corpus was released two collections of Vladimir Sorokin: the stories of the “White square” and the libretto of “the Triumph of Time and Senseless,” and “New literary review” published a collection of articles”, It’s just letters on paper…”, devoted to the work of the author.

5 Nov in a bookstore Pioner Bookstore will host a discussion of the writer Vladimir Sorokin. Philologist and literary critic, Professor at the University of Colorado and one of the authors of the book”, It’s just letters on paper…” mark Lipovetsky, creative editor app Bookmate Igor Kiriyenko and curator of the literature program of the “Pioneer” Sergey Sdobnov will discuss major works of Vladimir Sorokin, the reasons for the popularity of the writer and his influence on contemporary culture. The participants of the meeting will tell whether the comparison of Sorokin and Pelevin, what themes repeat in almost every text of the author and what it means, what foreign authors are remembered when talking about Sorokin and how to perceive his work outside Russia.

Beginning at 19:30. Entrance is free on registration.

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